Justice Department anti-fraud expert resigns, disturbed by Trump’s ‘stunning’ conduct

( CNN) Lawyers at the Justice Department are frequently mum on wiener items bordering an early abandonment, so it’s especially extraordinary when one instantly points to the conduct of the President of the United States as the reason for quitting.

But Hui Chen, an anti-corruption professional who formerly served in the department’s impostor segment of the criminal disagreement, is publicly speaking out on the fight of working for the top law enforcement limb of the federal government when the President dominates the headlines with what she describes as potential conflicts of interest and abuses of strength she would have found intolerable from a CEO under federal investigation.

“I could have left on November 9 or January 21, but I didn’t, ” Chen explained in an interview with CNN. “I liked the best interests of the efforts and adored the people I worked with( at the Justice Department ). The decision wasn’t easy.”