If You Want To Be Happy, Learn How To Stand Up For Yourself

Calvin Lupiya

Stand up for yourself because no one else will stand up for you . No one else will represent you when people do you wrong. No one else will show your intricacies as well as you do. No one else will protect your passion and your values as much as you do. No one else has that supremacy but you. You’re the only one who can designate the tint for how people treat you.

Stand up for yourself because it coaches people how to consider you . You draw the line. You position the rules and you dictate what they can or cant get off with. You teach them what the hell are you admit and what you don’t. You dont have to stay quiet when a person hurts you or humiliates you.

Stand up for yourself because its your basic human right . Youre not being aim or immature when you stand up for yourself. You dont have to let everything go to be the bigger party. Its not international crimes to speak up, to make people know they hurt yourself, to walk away from people who incessantly upset you with their terms or their actions and its not international crimes to remember your value and remember that you deserve to be treated with respect. Its your liberty to put an end to certain behaviors you cant tolerate.

Stand up for yourself because youll needed here . Youll need it when your values are being questioned, when people are accusing you of things you didnt do, when people are being inconsiderate and condescending just as they can. Youll need it when people are trying to bring you down, when theyre trying to break you and when theyre trying to spawn you feel like a downfall. Youll need it when people are trying to obligate you feel like youre not good enough.

Stand up for yourself because its crucial to your merriment . If you want to be happy, you need to be strong enough to stand up to others; whether friends, house, coworkers or people youre dating. Youll never be happy if youre surrounded by people who utter you feel lesser or dont bring out best available in you. Self-love are essential in merriment but also feeling loved and admired from the person or persons around spurs “youve got to” do great things and live a robust life because when youre always motivated, spurred and there’s really good-for-nothing you can’t conquer.

Rania Naim is a poet and columnist of the new work, available here.

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