When You Finally See People For Who They Really Are Not Who They Pretended To Be

Riccardo Bresciani

Some parties simply like us when were not threatening their existence. They only like us when we dont is talking about. They simply like us when we be said that what they want to hear. They merely like us when we lean them first and manufacture them seem important.

Some parties merely like us as long as we give them the attention they desire, as long as we do what they say, as long as we hide in the dark to keep them in the daylight. Some people exclusively want us since we are build them feel right about their lives and we impel them appear superior if theyre doing so much better than us because they know we dont have what it takes to be them or have that kind of arbiter, They want us as long as they have the upper hand, as long as they can domination when to pick us up and when to us.

But one day, you start doing what realise you happy, you start living “peoples lives” you always wanted to live, “youre starting” coming out of your shell and start glinting. You discovered that youre capable of witnessing the brightnes and smiling. You discovered that your articulation the questions and you can be loved.

You discovered that you dont always have to come second. You dont always have to delight others at the expense of your own joy and thats when the people who only liked you when you were a doormat start showing their genuine pigments when you start to draw the line. They dont require you to hold the pencil. They miss you to always say yes. They miss you to always be quiet .

And thats when it affects you that these people never loved you for whom you, they are loved because you impelled them feel better about themselves. They merely loved you when they knew they could you, they are loved you because you constructed them seem powerful, stronger, richer, wiser or whatever anxiety they had that you obligated them feel better about. They simply loved you when you silenced their insecurities but now youre loudly and their dangers are resurfacing . They dont miss you to realize what theyve been doing to you. They dont want to fix their own controversies so they condemn everything on you. They accuse you for their antagonism, for their illness, for their own shortcomings.

They part their unclean paws at you instead of trying to clean-living them.

But now you know better. Now, they cant shake you anymore. Now, they cant take your expres away from you. Now you know that you don’t have to stay in the dark.

Dont told them. Dont let them impel you dreary again. Dont let them use your weakness against you. Dont made them operate you into thinking you’re not good enough. Dont caused them compile you feel guilty for living their own lives, the room they lived theirs. Dont cause them represent you feel that your delight is their affliction .

Just give them start. Make them be. Stay away from them. Stand away from anything that your armistice and your happiness.

Because once you attend someones genuine dyes, you cant repaint them. You cant unsee the truth they discovered. You cant lie to yourself anymore or say that they require best available for you. Because they dont. They only require whats excellent for them.

They only watch themselves and its about go you stop seeing yourself through their looks so you can Dont tell them dazzle you again. Dont made them destroy you again. Its time to rebuild everything they destroyed. Its time to forgive them without inviting them back into their own lives. They took so much gap and now you need to fill that space with passion, hope, gratitude, think, and sorcery.

Rania Naim is a poet and scribe of the new notebook, accessible here.

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