Im Done Letting People Ruin My Life

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Im done making people ruin “peoples lives” as I stand there and watch them.

Im done establishing them smile as I sit alone and cry.

Im doing torturing myself so I can please them.

Im done disclaiming myself the right to live so I can reach them happy.

Im done trying to be everything they want me to be when its everything Im not .

Im done was of the view that no one will accept who I truly am. Im bursting the bubble they let me live in. Im breaking up with their notions, their rulings, and their judgments.

Im done being the hanger they jiggle their issues on. Im done participate in the held accountable for the things I didnt do.

Im done rationalizing when Im not wrong. Im done chewing my tongue when I have something to say.

Im done trying to be the bigger party with people who ever induce “i m feeling”

Im done trying to be best available to the persons who dont judge Im good enough .

Im done living in horror; dread of losing people, panic of asking for the things I deserve and horror of being denounced for doing things that bring me joy.

Im not ask questions contends. Im not trying to start a war. I exactly want to be myself. I time want to find my joy. I only want to find love and its impossible to find anything when youre living with people who forever compile you wonder yourself. People who cant love you to help you love yourself.

Im done making parties stop me from affection myself.

Im done trying to change parties. Im done trying to fix everything they broke.

I merely want to be happy and sometimes it feels like certain people establish that hard. They find faults in your accomplishments. They compel drama when youre celebrating something youre proud of. They try to see you holler when youre having a detonation. Theyre too selfish to let you experience your joy when theyre not part of it.

Im done trying to find paradise in the weapons of the individuals who start “peoples lives” a living hell .

I’m done trying to fix myself with people who bring out the most difficult in me.

Im done sacrificing too many chances to people who save hurting me.

Rania Naim is a poet and columnist of the new bible, accessible here.

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