Man Allegedly Tried To Frame Liberals With Really Weak Anti-Trump Graffiti

Well, he gets a gold star for act, at least.

A Connecticut judge has ordered a Trump supporter to stay away from a Hartford elementary school after police say he vandalized the playground with anti-Trump senses. Steven Marks, 32, supposedly told police he missed the graffiti to look like it was made by liberals, per the Hartford Courant.

Steven Marks in a reserve photo.

On June 15, Marks went to the playground at Morley Elementary School to play fetch with his bird-dog. He spotted a light-green Sharpie on the ground, and allegedly used it to scribble contents like” Kill Trump ,”” Left is best ,”” Bernie Sanders 2020″ and” Death to Trump” on a objectives that included a bench, a” Little Free Library” notebook protect and on the playground’s welcome sign.

Mark said he was motivated by “‘ antagonism towards radicals and they are interrupting major regulations everyday and being impertinent towards our authority ,'” according to the warrant for his arrest, obtained by the Courant.

The incident was caught on surveillance camera and released to the media. When Marks identified it on the news, he announced investigators and returned himself in, police told BuzzFeed News.

” He admitted to doing the criminal act and said he regretted it ,” Lt. Rocheleau told Buzzfeed.” He said the reason he did do it was to show support towards Trump by having the other side affair him, to demonstrate how the other side is mostly crazy enough to go and write substance on local schools playground .”

Marks was charged with two misdemeanors, second-degree breach of peace and third-degree criminal mischief.

On Wednesday a justice prescribed him to stay away from the school and the case was postponed until August 2.

” It was just a stupid circumstance I did at the time ,” Marks told The Courant last week .” It was stupid, stupid, stupid .”

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