Sometimes You Just Have To Feel Sad And Not Pretend To Feel Anything Else

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Sometimes you pretend to be okay. Sometimes you counterfeit a smile. Sometimes “youre acting” wholly put together on the outside with hopes that it will somehow cancel out the mess “youre feeling” on the inside. But your center isn’t like simple-minded maths, and neither is your mind.

Sometimes you participate in exchanges, answer back when people are expecting a answer. Sometimes you lie about the mode you’re feeling or doing when they ask and hope they can’t hear what your ability is actually considering.” I’m good .” I’m atrocious .

Sometimes you go to the party, socialize with friends because you have to, because you’d feel bad if you told them you Because that forgive isn’t for beings to not take it personally, because there is no way to try and procreate them understand your unexplainable sadness. Because you obsess more about them than you do yourself. You hide the unwanted compassions not because you wishes to gull yourself into think that you’re happy, but to be less of a burden on everyone else.

Sometimes the unwanted thoughts shouldn’t be buried. Sometimes they need to be aired out like dirty linen, like hindering a secret for far too long and finally telling person with all the words mixed together so quickly they have to ask you to say it again. Sometimes those unfortunate thinks merely required to seemed. Hell, sometimes feeling them should still be celebrated.

Because experiencing pathetic isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Screaming doesn’t utter you poor, and continuing to cry all darknes doesn’t either. However your sadness evidents itself, it doesn’t relieve your strong, your freedom, your ability, it doesn’t take away from who you really are. Your sadness acquires you human. Your struggles originate you human, and everyone has them. So for once only countenance the fight to prevail, to be exactly what they are. Sadness and struggles don’t realize you weak, professing they’re non-existent does.

Sometimes you just have to feel sad and not pretend to feel anything else. Sometimes claiming hurts. Sometimes impersonating draws you think you’re being strong because you’re not giving in. You’re not stopping. You merely keep going and running until there’s nothing left, until you’ve squandered every bit of energy “youve had” pretending to be okay. And then what? Sometimes feigning injures more than it heals.

Pretending to be okay doesn’t show how resilient “you think youre”, it shows how scared you are. It’s not a symbol of perseverance or determination, it’s a symbol of panic. You don’t have to be afraid of giving beings see you fight. You don’t have to be afraid of being a burden. You don’t have to be afraid of judgement. Be who you are. Appear how “youre feeling”. Don’t pretend to be or seem anything else.

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