10 Signs Youre Dating A Real Man (Not Another Boy)

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1. Hes compatible . He calls regularly, he responds to your text on time, he matches up when says he will and he shows up when you expect him to. He doesn’t disappear or wait for you to initiate strategies. He offsets communication simple and easy —

2. Hes honest . He doesnt try to betray you or obscure the truth from you. He asks your questions even if theyre difficult or deep and he makes happenings clear to you instead of running away from conflict or sending you mixed signals.

3. He stands by you . When youre having questions or when this is necessary someone to count on, hes there to help you get through thoughts in whichever way he can. He builds it a point to be involved in the good and bad things in their own lives. He doesn’t conclude you feel like your problems areor tries to avoid you when you’re down.

4. Hes genuinely interested in your storey . He wants to know your past, your struggles, your childhood and how “youve become” the person you are today. He doesnt be asking shallow doubts, he requests real, penetrating and meaningful contentions because hes

5. He doesnt give up on you . He doesnt look at why situations wont work out or find apologies. He doesnt places great importance on the differences or the roadblocks. He returns it a real shot even if it might not work out. Even if hes not fully ready, he gives you a chance because he thinks youre worth it.

6. He doesnt baffle you . Youre not running around in circles because of his actions. Youre not questioning his feelings for you and asking all your best friend if they think he likes you. You know for sure hes not talking to anyone else. Hes when it comes to you.

7. Hes not hung up on an ex or another girl . A real worker is. If he decides to date you, hes dating you because he likes you , not because hes trying to get over an ex or trying to forget another daughter. He doesnt cause you on only is to say that hes still not over his ex.

8. He makes an effort with your inner circle . Your friends, your close coworkers or their own families. He wants to meet them and be present at their events and motives with you. He doesnt want to be known as that guy youre seeing that no one else has ever seen.

9. When he speaks of the future, he mentions you . A real human wants you to share his life with the girl he’s dating because he’s, so hell perform you part of his future plans because he doesnt just see you as a temporary girl. He tries to show you that he recognizes a future with you.

10. He meets “youre feeling” safe . The biggest clue that youre with a real boy, is how ensure you feel with him. You feel safe. You know you can count on him. You know he wont let you down. You know he wont abandon you or take his anger out on you or humiliate you in public. He respects you and when youre with him, you feel valuable and appreciated. You can him with yourself and your life.

Rania Naim is a poet and writer of the new book, accessible here.

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