Gordon Brown and Shakira: G20 leaders agreed to education financing, now comes the harder part

( CNN) If ours was a world-wide where every child was in academy and hear, then the two of us likely would have never satisfied. But more than a decade ago, baffled by education targets made by the world community positioned and missed, we came together to push back in a world-wide where far too many children go without a quality education. It’s up to all of us to make sure that children around the world have access to this essential right. Today, we are at last have good bulletin.

Included in the G20 Summit Leaders’ Declaration is an agreement for more and better education financing through is supportive of the International Finance Facility for education. With this statement, global leader are replying: Our sustainable development purpose of an inclusive and quality education for all can be met. Now, with imaginative thinking and leader, we can deliver.

The right to an education is imperative. Far scarier than the current reality of 263 million children out of academy and not ascertaining is the Education Commission’s( an organization developing an investment contingency and financing pathway for achieving equal school opportunity for children and youngster) prediction that, by 2030, half an entire generation — more than 800 million children — will shortage basic skills necessary to thrive in tomorrow’s economy.