If Im Being Honest, Im Glad You Picked Her


Maybe I was upset at first,
perhaps I wondered myself,
perhaps I wanted revenge —
I wanted to show you I’m better.

But now that some time has passed
Im glad you picked her.
Im glad I wasnt your first choice.
Im glad you let me go.

Because that represents I dont “re going to have to” suffer.
I dont have to wonder who youre with.
I dont have to believe your lies.
I dont have to fight so hard for your attention.

I can go to sleep knowing Im not being moron,
youre not playing games with me,
youre not cheating on me,
youre not determining me cry.

Because its exclusively a matter of time
before you break her heart.
Its alone a matter of time

Its not a competition for me anymore,
she didnt win and I didnt lose.
Its all
because youre not go looking for forever.

So if Im being honest, Im glad it wasnt me.
Im glad I wasnt your choice.
Im glad you didnt pick me for another heartbreak.
Im glad I ultimately understood why never worked out.

Because it proves me that its pointless,
wanting to be loved by someone who doesnt upkeep,
trying to win someone who doesnt mind mis you,
crying over someone who doesnt try to oblige you smile.

Its not about her anymore,
even if you think she’s better than me.
Its about me now
and who visualizes Im the for him.

Rania Naim is a poet and columnist of the brand-new volume, accessible here.

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