Female film casting same as 100 years ago

Image copyright EPA Image caption Naomie Harris became the first black actress to frolic Miss Moneypenny

The percentage of women being given in UK films has barely changed in more than 100 years, data released by the British Film Institute( BFI) shows.

In 1913, 26% of the casting in 53 films was female and of the 74 films realise thus far in 2017, the percentage is 28 %.

However, percentages per of the status of women crew members ran up from 3% to 33% over the same period of time.

The BFI Filmography likewise shows that 59% of films shaped in the last 10 times had no pitch-black actors in extend or listed roles.

While the number of contributing female characters is roughly the same today as in 1913, the figure has dropped in between.