This conservative politician slammed ‘Wear a Dress Day.’ It backfired. Big time.

This is Australian senator Cory Bernardi.

He’s a republican. That’s putting it lightly.

Photo by Mark Graham/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Down Under, Bernardi is known for , among other things, pushing climate change denial, vehemently opposing LGBTQ liberties, and announcing proponents of abortion access “pro-death.”

So, at face value, a tweet he published on Sept. 20 maybe wasn’t all that surprising.

“This gender morphing is certainly get absurd, ” Bernardi said, attaching to a fib about local schools in South Australia supporting a “Wear a Dress Day.”

The first difficulty with Bernardi’s tweet is that it’s wildly transphobic. The second trouble is that it … sort of altogether missed the whole target of what “Wear a Dress Day” actually is.

“Wear a Dress Day” “ve got nothing” to do with any sort of LGBTQ awareness campaign like Bernardi’s tweet hints. It’s about girls’ education.

Student governors at Craigburn Primary School near Adelaide had chosen to support One Girl’s Do It in a Dress campaign on their day of judgement of word — a daylight in which students are generally allowed to wear casual clothes to class.

Students who want to wear casual garment can certainly still do so. But, in recognition of the campaign, students of all genders are also allowed to wear gowns — only if they wish to do so — to boost awareness of girls’ shortcoming of better access to education globally, a blog berth by the school points out.

In addition to wearing casual robes or a dress, students were encouraged to donate to the campaign so the school could reach its $900 point patronizing One Girl, money requirements like grants and forming schools safer for girls.

The senator’s offensive, tone-deaf tweet didn’t really add up. And beings noticed — including Josh Thomas.

The pre-eminent Australian comic and LGBTQ titles exponent published a thread of tweets in response to Bernardi’s remarks.

Thomas pointed out Bernardi’s transphobic, “gender morphing” accusation was misinforming , noting the actual intention of the students’ campaign.

The comedian repetition the fact Bernardi was exploiting a school’s effort to raise monies — for donation — to collect the political benefits.

Thomas ended the thread by telling fans know he was supporting Craigburn’s Do It in a Dress campaign with a $1,000 gift.

As the backfire establish, Bernardi went on ABC Radio on Sept. 20 to discuss his remarks.

Instead of defending or clarifying his intent, the senator doubled down , claiming the school was wrong for carrying out the campaign while marriage equality is a hot-button topic currently being decided at the ballot box.

“In the hypersensitive term where we’ve got same-sex marriage dispute, we’ve came parties worried about gender ideological training in schools, I anticipate this is entirely inappropriate, ” Bernardi said, continuing to draw threads between awareness-raising campaigns concentrate on girls’ education and transgender titles.

The senator asserts he’s on board with the campaign’s overall goal of helping girls in the developing world. But many Australians still weren’t glad with his remarks.

People gleefully shared their support for the campaign online while taunting the senator’s backward stance on LGBTQ privileges.

Ironically, Bernardi cured improve the very same effort he initially criticized.

The school’s initial fundraising aim was just $900. To appointment, Craigburn School has raised over $235,000 .

In huge division thanks to an “ultra-conservative rant” targeting LGBTQ rights.

“We are dumbfounded, ” One Girl responded to the overwhelmingly favourite campaign.

If the nonprofit’s math checks out, that’s over 780 daughters in need who will now be educated — all thanks to one school’s fundraiser( with a little help from a bigoted politician, of course ).

To reinforce Craigburn’s Do It in a Dress campaign, visit One Girl’s website .

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