When My Mom Asks Me Why Im Not Married Yet

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When my momma asks me why I’m not married hitherto, I tell her that I still haven’t fulfilled the right guy . The being I can cherish unconditionally. The husband I can be selfless with. The person I want to start a family with. The person who feels like residence. I still haven’t satisfied the one for me. I still haven’t filled person — the one I can paint a colors future with. My mind is still scouring. My mind is still

When my mommy has asked me why I’m not married hitherto, I tell her that marriage is not easy . Marriage is not something you take lightly. Wedding is not something you can just get into. Because I only want to make love once and I want to make love right . So no, I won’t make your advisory opinions and get married to the one who loves me more, the one who is going to be a good husband or a good leader but doesn’t construct my feeling skip a pummel. He doesn’t form me smile from ear to ear. He doesn’t utter me write beautiful poetry and he’s not my muse. I’ll only get married to the one who starts me feel more alive than I’ve ever been.

When my mom asks me why I’m not married yet, I tell her that I’m still ascertaining . I save fulfilling people who educate me brand-new instructions. They teach me how to germinate. They teach me what I miss. They school me not to resolve. They don’t win with me. I don’t repute their lies. I made them move. They school me how to move on. They teach me how to thrive

When my mama asks me why I’m not married more, I tell her that I won’t to be married exactly to have children . I still don’t know if I’m ready to raise another human being when I still have so much better to read. I still don’t know if I can bring children into this nature when I’m still trying to figure out my own. I still don’t know if I can be a strong mother when I’m still learning how to get back up on my own two paws. Because I want my kids to have everything. I don’t want them to tolerate. I want them to grow up adoration their lives, believing in themselves and believes in real affection because their parents represent all of that . I want to be my son’s best friend and my daughter’s role model and I still don’t know if I’m that person yet.

When my mummy has asked me why I’m not married more, I tell her that God simply hasn’t written that for me hitherto . He’s still inducing me wait. He has other plans for me right now. He’s giving me other things to focus on and other things to ardour. He’s giving me another purpose for now. He’s writing other specific areas of my legend. He doesn’t have a wedding planned for me in the coming chapters. He’s still cooking me for the working day I convene my party. He’s still influencing me so I can be best available for him. So I can be everything he was looking for. So I can be his forever too. So we are in a position look at our moms the working day and “re just telling me” this is why we waited — we were just waiting to find one another.

Rania Naim is a poet and writer of the new journal, accessible here.

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