Your Favorite 90s Show Is Coming Back With A Dark Twist

In case you haven’t showed, Hollywood isn’t that good at comes real with new ideas. Right now, we’re penetrating in a trend of rebooting all the best depicts from the’ 90 s, which we have mixed feelings about. Like, yeah it’s merriment to relive our childhood, but it’s a little much. But the newest reboot is one we can definitely coming in behind: .

First, and most importantly, there will be no Melissa Joan Hart. As terrible as it establishes us, Sabrina will still be a teenage sorceres, and Melissa is in her 40 s. Sorry sweetie, perhaps next time. In happening, it sounds like the new present will be taken in a much darker direction, concentrates on Sabrina’s strifes against the suffering that menaces her and everyone around her. Does this mean no talking “cat-o-nine-tail”? Because we’re very emotionally attributed to Salem.

The show is being produced by the same team as the new , which meets smell because Sabrina was originally a attribute in the same comic world-wide as Archie( who knew ?). Likewise, that represents there are totally going to be crossover incidents between the two presents. It’s no, but we’ll make what we can get around here.

We actually hope individual producers get this one right, so basically just don’t cast Bella Thorne as Sabrina. That’s all we request. It sounds like the show is still in the preliminary stages, so it could be a while before you’re bingeing it in plot, but it’s coming down the pipeline sooner or later.

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