Im Slowly Learning To Trust The Timing Of My Life

Allef Vinicius

I’m gradually memorizing how to make peace with timing. I’m learning how to slow. I’m reading how to take happens easy. I’m discovering how to live one day at a time.< strong> I’m hearing how to stop speed things that are not means to .

I’m gradually learning that maybe I don’t know better. Perhaps I’m not meant to have it all figured out by any particular age. Perhaps I’m not meant to be married by 30 or have two adolescents by 35. Maybe all these timelines and years I articulate for myself were all off and my travel is taking a totally different timeline. I’m slowly learning how to rely the timing of my wander because every year I learn something new. Every time I change. Every time I evolve in a way I never pictured I would. Every year, timing acquires more sense.

I’m slowly received information that timing may not always be on my surface but it’s on the right side. It’s on the side that performs smell. It’s on the side that they are able to realise my future better and easier. It’s on the side that God has chosen and sometimes that’s all “youve been” need to know . The to be expected that the timing will eventually be right and the stars will align and the clocks will click when you’re exactly where you should be with who you really need to be with.

I’m gradually received information that waiting is not even worse. Awaiting doesn’t mean you’re passive. Awaiting doesn’t mean you’ve disappointed. Waiting doesn’t mean your life is falling apart. Awaiting are members of life. Patience is something we have to continuously accept and learn. Waiting can sometimes mean you have faith in most effective and large things to come because the longer you await, the greater the reward will be.

I’m gradually reading to be okay with late arrivals, with acts not being done on time, with delays and hurdles and starting over.< strong> I’m slowly memorizing how to let situations expire. I’m gradually learning that it’s okay to run out of age. It’s not the end “of the worlds” . There’s always tomorrow. There’s always a second luck. There’s always another daylight or the other time. Good-for-nothing previous eternally. Your timing won’t ever be against you and it won’t always be wrong.

I’m gradually learning that it’s okay to let going earn. It’s okay to make it have its highway every once in a while. Why are we ever trying to get ahead of ourselves? Why are we always trying to prove others incorrect? Who are “weve been” contesting with? Who are we really shooting? I’m gradually reading how to spend less attention to circumstances will happen and focus more on to do them happen.

I’m slowly discovering how to believe in timing instead of trying to rearrange everything. I’m slowly reading to let experience take its experience because even the wrong term results you to the right time, the inaccurate term represents you appreciate timing, the inaccurate day teaches you that you just can’t command day even if the odds are in your kindnes.

Rania Naim is a poet and generator of the new volume, available here.

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