Iran releases video of new ballistic missile being test-fired

Iran’s state media showed video Friday of the successful test-launch of a new tomahawk missile capable of contacting portions of the Countries of the middle east, including Israel.

Just hours earlier, the Khorramshahr missile was launched at a large armed ceremony is president of by Iranian President Hassan Rohani who dedicated to sustain Tehran’s missile program in defiance of requires from Washington to halt it.

State broadcaster IRIB established footage of the missile assessment. The report did not give the time or locale of the test. The video included footage from an on-board camera establishing the force of the cone who are able to carry various warheads.

“You are experiencing epitomes of the successful research of the Khorramshahr ballistic missile with the collection of 2,000 km[ 1,200 miles ], the latest missile of our country, ” state television said.

Rouhani said Iran would strengthen its rocket abilities without asking for any country’s permission.

His criticisms came just days after President Trump handed a communication at the United Nation in which he alleged Iran of exporting savagery to Yemen, Syria, and other regions of the Middle East.