Its Time To Reclaim Yourself

Unsplash/ Courtney Clayton

It’s time to rehabilitate your mind. It’s time to let go of all the heaviness laden in it. It’s time heal it, it’s time to take it back from those who separated it and it’s is high time to make it yours again. It’s time to protectit from all the liars, all the cheaters and all the ones who don’t intend to affection it.

It’s time to recapture your psyche. It’s time to drill it to believe again. It’s time to start was of the view that you instead of you can’t. It’s time to start saying that you deserve it instead of doubting yourself. It’s time to stop defaming yourself just so you can satisfy others. It’s time to change the designs that hamper you back with reckons that sanction you to become everything you always wanted to be and engender you to go after every single one of your dreams. It’s time to start was of the view that you deserve to live the life of your dreams.

It’s time to rehabilitate your soul . It’s time to cleanse it. It’s time to go find what really speaks to it, what moves it, what opens it up. It’s time to reclaimed the faith you lost in God, yourself and the world. It’s time to go on a spiritual tour to find your calling, to let go of the past, to forget the pain and it’s time to find the again. It’s time to abandon the emptiness you feel inside and find symbolize, find purpose, find breadth and find fulfillment.

It’s time to reclaim your backbone. It’s time to leave rock bottom and get back up. It’s time to treat your anxiety or your depression or whatever it is that has been frustrating you from detecting merriment. It’s time to make a comeback if you’ve been hiding and it’s time to gleam if you’ve been avoiding the light-headed. It’s time to start over. It’s time to say the hard goodbyes and welcome brand-new hellos. It’s time to learn the hard exercises and prepare yourself for the next test.

It’s time to restore everything “youve lost” when you lost your voice.

It’s time to restore the parts of yourself that you granted apart to people who couldn’t to be maintained. It’s time to recapture your self-worth again because you’ve always been enough and you’ve always been pliable. It’s time to remember what determines you apart. It’s time to love yourself all over again.

Rania Naim is a poet and columnist of the new journal, available here.

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