Wolf Alice: ‘Our album is like hummus’

Image copyright Laura Allard Fleischl Image caption Wolf Alice( L-R ): Theo Ellis, Joff Odie, Ellie Rowsell, Joel Amey

“It’s crazy, Los Angeles, ” says Wolf Alice’s bassist, Theo Ellis. “It’s like a false city.”

“You can go skiing and then come back down to the ocean, ” contributes singer Ellie Rowsell, “or go to the desert and then into town.”

The band expended the start of 2017 in the city, recording Imaginations of a Life – their follow-up to the Mercury-nominated entry My Love Is Cool.

Like that annal, it ruptures up the indie-rock rule book, blithely scooting between wild-eyed punk( Yuk Foo ), languorous dad( Beautifully Unconventional) and sounding indie tunes( Planet Hunter ).

“We’re readily forced, ” titters Rowsell. “But I remember the thing we’ve learned “the worlds largest” is that you have to rely your gut.”