8 things to know about YouTuber Joe Sugg

Image caption Joe Sugg has just secreted his third graphic story of a trilogy

Joe Sugg may be one of YouTube’s biggest hotshots( and the friend of another – Zoella ), but he still doesn’t see himself as a celebrity.

“You is likely to be ask any YouTuber in the UK if they’d class themselves as a luminary, and I guarantee they’d all say no, ” he tells BBC News.

“And I think that’s because we never knew it would get this big, we never knew it would become this scale, at all.

“If you’ve got someone who wants to be a singer and actor, they already are aware of the pros and cons of the number of jobs, whereas we never knew we were going into something this big, so it’s been more difficult for us to sort of enter into negotiations with and go along with it.”

While he may be slightly flustered to admit it, Joe is one of countless YouTubers who have reached the big leagues of fame.