Strictly Come Dancing stars in quotes

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Reverend Richard Coles and Good Morning Britain’s Charlotte Hawkins are raring to turn

After two weeks of rehearsals, this year’s Rigorously Come Dancing superstars are preparing to return to the dance flooring this weekend for the first live demo of the series.

Here’s what they had to say when we caught up with them earlier this month.

The Reverend Richard Coles

“There’s a dog collar being pimped apparently, we’re relatively aroused about that.”

“I was preaching quite a raging sermon recently and a piece of glint fell out of my hair.”

“I’m going to need a supernatural. It’s ‘let us spray’ at the moment.”

“I’m going to have to launch myself across a dancefloor, which I haven’t done since Ibiza in 1990. And it wasn’t jolly then, believe me.”

“I’m very happy to voluntary to dance with Aljaz anywhere, any region, any time.”

“I mounted at the luck[ to do Solely ]. It was a no-brainer for me. It’s afterwards when people lead ‘it’s actually full on, it’s going to get scary.'”

“You’ve just got to throw yourself into it and love every minute.”

On Good Morning Britain co-host Piers Morgan: “He’s very excited. Quays said we’re going to have fun with this – but that reverberated more of a threat.”

“I’m looking forward to the ones[ where] you’ve got a bit of action and outlook – it’s shocking to have that opening where you impart it some.”

On being one of this year’s beloveds to triumph: “I don’t known better they work out the quirkies because they haven’t learnt us dance! ”

Image caption Burke will dance with Gorka Marquez on the substantiate

“I am very nervous – it manufactures me want to throw up because my suspicion kills through the ceiling when I think about live indicates. I know this is a really funny thing to say “re coming out” a person who has earned a TV support nine years ago but I dislike cameras.”

“The moment that I found out that I was going to take part in Rigorously, I offset everything. I cancelled my recording, my single, entering, everything. My mum ever said to me, ‘be great at one thing, and the rest will follow.'”

“Because I was a nun for a year[ for Sister Act: The Musical] wearing flat shoes, I’ve been trying to wear heels a lot more merely to try and give my ankles a bit more strength.”

On how far she’ll go in the struggle: “I want to get as far as my person and the two partners can take! ”

Image caption Langsford has been partnered with Anton Du Beke

“Everything has this Strictly excitement about it, which is very glamorous – happenings you don’t get to do every day.”

Questioned if she would wear skimpy kits: “I’ll only be get my packages off privately in the spraying brown booth.”

On the show’s attires: “It’s astonishing, they gave me a waist – I hadn’t is evident that waist for a long time.”

On maintaining her figure in the display a secret: “I quite enjoyed the whole hearsay mill. Contrary to popular belief, I’ve not been asked to do Rigorously before – because not in a million years would I have gyrated it down.”

What her husband Eamonn Holmes said( with tongue in cheek) when asked about the “Strictly curse”: “One man’s swear could be another man’s blessing.”

Image caption EastEnders star Ghadami is taken together with new professional dancer Nadiya Bychkova

“There’s ever something to look forward to[ on Strictly ]. It seems like a non-stop rollercoaster where you’re looking to the next thing.”

On the attires: “We’ve tried the scant, rhinestone-laden invests and frankly they’re very comfortable and fun to wear.”

Invited if he would be showing off his chest: “If the dance calls for it, maybe later on in the tournament … if it’s touchstone in week three, four or five we’ll do it.”

On how his on-screen mum reacted to him being on the register: “Bonnie Langford couldn’t help herself. As soon as she found out, she hurled herself at me and we had a little dance.”

“We’re all going to look back in years to come and say ‘we were part of that’.”

Image caption Professional dancer AJ Pritchard glanced chuffed to be paired up with Mollie King

On whether being pop stellars generates her and Aston Merrygold an advantage: “I think we’re used to being disciplined to a certain degree. But there’s an expectation that people have and I thoughts, Aston and I, we find we’re both terrified, it’s a whole new world for both of us.”

“We don’t want to look like complete wallies. There’s so much better for us to learn.”

“Obviously we’re lucky that have already been concert know-how but it’s a whole new world of dance, which is just madness.”

On the sparkly clothes: “You go into a accommodation and it’s “the worlds largest” sequinned glittery dress you’ve ever seen, and they go to you: ‘Obviously it’s not glittery fairly so we’ll be adding more’. And you’re like, ‘what? ‘”

On the chances of prevail: “Everybody who’s taking part, obviously it’s their dream to lift the glitterball award – but I really want to learn as numerous dances as possible, that’s my aim. And get a few spray tans.”

Image caption Aston “ve been waiting for” a short marriage so was allayed when he was teamed with Janette Manrara

“I’m actually just excited to try a whole new flesh of act. You forget it’s a competition.”

“You want to see everyone pull through.”

On preparing to be a brand-new dad: “I’m trying to get the daddy nonsense done in the morning and the recitals in the afternoons.”

On training to get in shape for the skimpy attires: “I’m not as adroit as I used to be. There’s a lot of glamour – I’ve been Strictly-fied.”

“I personally would just love to are going to the final, to do all the weeks and ascertain everything on the way and learn all the different wordings. But it doesn’t feel like a competition.”

Image caption McGee, painted with Tess Daly and Giovanni Pernice, is the widow of magician Paul Daniels

On doing ballet dancing in the past: “Strictly has changed over its first year. At the beginning it certainly was that you didn’t have any rehearsal. Lots of beings have done it now who have. I did instruct as a ballet dancer over 30 years ago. But it’s like if you were at institution and really good at high jump, and 35 year later you’re asked to enter a competition and you’ve have to go to do long jump.”

On late husband Paul Daniels, who previously have participated in the demo: “He would affection it. He always wanted me to make love. He’d be smiling down on me, that’s for sure.”

Image caption Susan Calman has a sign of her dance partner Kevin Clifton in her kitchen

On having a moment with professional Gorka: “When I trod into the dressing room, one of the male dancers, I’m not going to say who – Gorka – had his top off. And I’ve actively eschewed any contact with the male species for my entire life. And I went…. ‘he’s beautiful! ‘”

“I went home and my bride was like, ‘how’s it exiting? ‘ And there aren’t statements to process what’s happening.”

On her fellow opponents: “We’re all in the same boat – we’re all going to learn how to dance.”

Image caption Karen Clifton said she was pleased to be partnered with chef Simon Rimmer – because he’ll accompany good menu to rehearsals

“I impression I’ve represented 14 new friends, whatever else happens. I know more about Joe and Davood than I do about people I’ve known 10 years.”

“It’s like a holiday adventure. The time you fill one another, you have to bail soon because you’re all in the same panicking situation.”

“There’s two WhatsApp radicals. There’s the official one which everyone involved in Strictly gets to see. Then there’s the private one we have with the dancers which they don’t get to see, which is the proper recreation one.”

On his family’s reaction to him taking part: “My wife rolled her eyes and shook her head.”

Image caption McFadden appeared both excited and anxious when he was paired with Katya Jones

On the whole Strictly experience: “We’re all thrown together and “re going through” this crazy thing together.”

On be contained in Holby at the same time as Rigorously: “They’ve assured me they’re going to give me some light-footed storylines. It’s filmed across the road – I always wanted to see “whats going on” over here and now I can.”

“We’re all going rhinestone resentment a little bit. Jonnie had one the other day that was all different colouring – it was really nice – and we had plain ones.”

Image caption Atkinson and Aljaz Skorjanec are possibly the tallest marry in the tournament

“It seems actually cheesy but we’re in a delightful foam and we’re all in it together. It’s all good.”

“My worst panic is – you know when you run up the stairs after you dance? Descending off the stairs – that for me is more nerve-wracking. You’re going to be wobbly and out of breath.”

“My family have all been saying ‘You’ve done so well, it’s amazing … but it would be good if you could do Strictly.’ So they’re all going to come down. Everything’s happened at the right time.”

Image caption Akudolu and Pasha Kovalev are wasting no time

“Forgetting the dance is the biggest anxiety. And falling down the stairs – but if we descend, we just constitute and get up again.”

On recommendations from previous contestants: “I know Tameka[ Empson] who did it last year – she said ‘enjoy it, enjoy it, enjoy it.’ She would have affection to go further and said ‘I’m going to live it through you.'”

“I’m dreading the waltz – it time throbs your legs! I’ve never done anything like that, and maintaining your forearms up like that for a while, your back muscles…”

“I foresee our personalities change the hour we’ve got our make-up on, and the fuzz and the getups. I become Aretha – that’s my nickname.”

Image caption Peacock and Oti Mabuse were all smiles after being paired up

“It’s a cyclone at the moment – I’m just trying to enjoy it as much as possible. And then you sit at home and you get really nervous that you’re actually doing it.”

On investigating Davood at a costume part: “I got to stare at this lovely man’s derriere in a duet of tight Latin trousers – there’s not many better sights.”

On whether being an athlete will be an advantage: “Athletics is quite a high-impact sport. It’s going to be very different but that’s what I’m actually looking forward to. I’m not sure it’s an advantage because it’s up to now removed.”

On advice on schooling from former entrant Greg Rutherford: “I had a textbook from Greg saying – ‘they’ll say it’s 12 hours, it’s is 40. ‘”

Image caption Conley presented the thumbs up to his partner Amy Dowden