This story of a mom and daughter recovering from cancer is nothing short of remarkable.

8-year-old Edie and her mom Emily have a special ligament — they both survived the same type of cancer.

They were both diagnosed with neuroblastoma within a few years of each other. However, the ways their cases were discovered were vastly different.

It all began when Edie was only 5 months age-old. She began to cry all the time and lost her lust. Her parents, Emily and Nick, made her to the pediatrician a number of periods, but he hindered telling them it was just a gut influenza , nothing serious.

However, she didn’t get better.

Emily gripping Edie. All photos via Northwestern Mutual/ YouTube .

When Edie awoke one morning gaping yellowed, her parents took her to the children’s infirmary at the University of Virginia, where they learned their own bodies was riddled with tumors. The tumors were ripening because Edie had neuroblastoma, a type of cancer that produces tumors along the adrenal arrangement in the body.

Over the next six months, Edie went through various rounds of care and finally had surgery to remove the tumors. For a while, she was cancer-free, but then the cancer came back two seconds and a third day.

That’s when the family was referred to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia( CHOP) and Dr. Yael Mosse.

Dr. Mosse’s dedication to Edie’s case changed everything. An experimental stimulant test she conducted eventually saved Edie’s life.

Dr. Mosse and Edie.

“I didn’t foresee anything could heal her, but I can tell you, as soon as Dr. Mosse strolled into the room, I knew we were at the right place, ” recollects Emily.

She placed Edie on a new chemotherapy dope announced Crizotinib.

Edie didn’t care much for the perceive of it. “It savor like stinking something, ” she told The State, her hometown paper. But, within 28 eras of being on it, she was declared cancer-free.

She remained on the dose for several years time to be safe, but the cancer never returned.

After that, their own families was flying high on their good fortune, until Emily became pregnant with the couple’s second child.

Emily Gilger.

She was seven months into her gestation when she stared knowledge shooting pains in her back. Conjecture it was kidney stones, she went to have an ultrasound and learned her adrenal glands were broadened.

The situation resonated all too well known to Nick. He immediately contacted out to Dr. Mosse who, in turn, ordered many experiments. Sure fairly, Emily had neuroblastoma, just like her daughter . Since Edie’s case was proven hereditary, the likelihood that her mommy would also get the disease was high-pitched.

Thankfully, the family had already made a connection with a superb doctor and hospital.< strong> Emily was gave at CHOP by Dr. Mosse with the same prescription her daughter had made .

Three years later, Emily is still in remission and has two healthy children . And it’s all thanks to pediatric cancer research.

Today, their own families can often be found deporting fundraising happens for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation — a nonprofit dedicated to funding pediatric cancer research.

Emily and Edie fundraising for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

“We’re here now to make an impact on the well-being of others, ” Emily says.

Despite the facts of the case that cancer is the leading cause of death in children, merely 4% of all federal funded for cancer study be applicable to pediatric cancer. Societies like Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and Northwestern Mutual are making a concerted effort to even up certain differences.

But, of course, medical doctors doing the research are the real protagonists. There’s a conclude the Gilgers deem Dr. Mosse family — she passed them back their future.

Watch Edie and Emily’s whole story here :

Sometimes children can’t advocate for themselves. So that’s why planneds like this are so important.

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