Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe calls out the hypocrisy of the NFL in a must-see clip.

Shannon Sharpe does not mince words. And he has no equanimity for bullshit.

So if anyone was going to speak truth to supremacy when it came to the showings of “unity” and “solidarity” across the NFL last weekend — following President Donald Trump’s inflammatory notes hinting participates asserting during the national hymn should be fired — it would be him. Sharpe did not disappoint, giving a fiery speech from the desk of Fox Sports’ “Undisputed, “ saying he was “disappointed and unimpressed.”

For roughly eight times, an afterlife in program era, Sharpe raised the issue of the hypocrisy he saw on Sunday.

Hundreds of participates kneeled during the course of its carol. Others upheld but fastened forearms in a show of harmony or harmony. Former actors, front office managers, and proprietors joined in extremely. A number of units as well as the organization itself secreted statements about free speech and harmony. And while the public displays ogled great on camera, Sharpe wanted to know the answer to an important matter: What was everyone actually uniting against?

When San Francisco 49 ers musician Colin Kaepernick launched his demonstration in 2016, he knelt to deliver attention to racial inequality, police cruelty, and inequality against black and dark-brown parties. Instead of joining him then or even assembling him now, crews have co-opted Kaepernick’s message to take a stand against a prosperous white man daring to tell owneds and executives what to do.

That was the position that made them to their knees. That was the moment they said, “No more.” Not the noxiou misogyny , not calling Mexicans rapists , not criticizing ex-servicemen and a gold star family , not disparaging part U.S. metropolis , not refusing refugees or transgender parties in the armed forces , not indicating there may be good parties affiliated with Nazis and white supremacist radicals. It was only when Trump came for their business, threatened the players who would harm their way of life, did the NFL dare speak up about any sort of injustice.

Said Sharpe: This was about fund , not lessons.

So he called them out. And his passionate, potent, send deserve to be watched in its entirety.

It’s that good. And it’s that important.

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