Game of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie to marry

Actors, who play on-screen devotees Jon Snow and Ygritte in HBOs affected fantasy succession, announce engagement in the Times

Notation: contains spoilers for those who have not witnessed or read Game of Thrones

Fans of Game of Thrones are all aware that a marry in the hit show’s fantasy world should not ever intention well.

So the edict that two of the HBO series’ superstars, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, are to marry will be received with hopes for a white-hot wed rather than the infamous red one from the succession.

The couple, who announced their engaged in the Times newspaper on Wednesday, play on-screen fans in Game of Thrones- the offspring prick Jon Snow and Ygritte, the disaffected, headstrong “wildling”.

Ygritte and Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. Image: HBO/ Courtesy Everett Collection

The couple last-place appeared together in the show in the final occurrence of season four, as a heartbroken Snow drags Ygritte’s lifeless body into a snow-covered forest and places their own bodies in a funeral pyre after she died in his arms in the previous chapter. Ygritte’s dying words:” You know nothing, Jon Snow” are some of the most frequently repeated among fans.

Under the calls Mr KC( Kit Catesby) Harington and Miss RE( Rose Eleanor) Leslie, the Times notice predicts:” The engagement is announced between Kit, younger lad of David and Deborah Harington of Worcestershire, and Rose, middle daughter of Sebastian and Candy Leslie of Aberdeenshire .”

Both 30 years old, the couple corroborated they were an item in early 2016. In May, Harington uncovered they had moved in together and were” exceedingly, very happy”, but rendered no level of detail about the relationship.

Scottish actor Leslie determined fame as housemaid Gwen Dawson in Downton Abbey, while Londoner Harington sustains his character as Snow in what will be the final and eighth season in 2018.

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