How a former skinhead came around to befriending his black parole officer.

The first racist tattoo Michael Kent went were the words “white pride, ” spanning the highest level of his back.

Then came the two swastikas — one in the center of his chest — that discoloured his skin for over 20 times, ABC News reported.

Kent was just a white supremacist.

“I was part of a skinhead radical, ” Kent, who lives in Colorado, told ABC. “A very violent group.”

He belief strongly in the organization’s standards. For instance, Kent refused to work for anybody — or even with anybody — who wasn’t white.

But one lady built him rethink everything.

Tiffany Whittier, who is black, became his parole officer. Meeting her changed his life for good.

She was a positive force in his life and objection him to rethink how he contemplated hasten and equality.

“I had a German crusade[ Nazi] pennant, and she said, ‘You need to take that bullshit down and start putting up most positive substance! ‘” Kent told ABC News. “‘Put up smiley fronts so when you wake up, you witness positive instead of hate.'”

Her encouragement < em> use ; Kent’s outlook and postures have changed dramatically since befriending Whittier.

It’s not certainly incredible, either — this change in mindset exits hand-in-hand with research. A 2014 subject, for example, found that when white people treated with more people of color, they’re less likely to hold racist views.

“If it wasn’t for her, I maybe would have been oozed back into[ lily-white ascendancy ], ” Kent excused. “I look at her as family.”

Now, Kent’s “white pride” and swastika tattoos have been removed by Redemption Ink, a nonprofit that offers free removals of hate-inspired designs to patrons. All of his coworkers at the Colorado chicken farm where he works — as well as the majority of members of his sidekicks — are people of color.

“We have company gatherings, or they have quinceaneras, BBQs, or birthday parties — I’m the only white person there, ” Kent said.

Whittier modestly brushed off the affect she’s had on Kent: “My job is the fact that positive person in someone’s life, ” she said. “[ I] to continue efforts to make a difference.”

But to Kent — a father to two young children — Whittier’s nothing short of epic. “She gave me the backbone and the fortitude to do what I’m doing, ” he said. “She gave me a chance, and it opened my seeings.”

ABC News facilitated a astound reunion between the two, who hadn’t discovered each other in over a year.

Whittier was in on the design, but Kent — who seemed a little bit failed for messages as he hugged her in a hug — was beyond aroused to see my best friend who changed his life perpetually.

Watch the beautiful time in the video below :

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