I Will Love You In Letting Go

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I have understood the course this “il be going”. I have comprehended that you and I are on different pages, chasing different reveries. I have visualized the ways that we have fallen into tempo together, and the ways we have strayed apart. I have accepted that you came into my life for a specific period of time–a reading, a support that was not meant for more than temporary.

I have learned that affection you wants letting you leave .

As much as I’ve wished to change our narratives, to rewrite our patterns, to form different dissolves than the one you’ve made, I realise now that you were always looking to leader down a different direction. No thing the amount of kisses and moments and statements we exchanged, your feeling was held elsewhere. You never believed in what I did, never genuinely had the faith that we would become something large. And I’ve accepted that.

Watching you walk away has educated me that sometimes people leave, and sometimes , no matter how much you affection person, you cannot convince them to stay. And you shouldn’t have to .

I could whisper sweet words. I could rumble. I could run after you with open arms, sidestepping you to walk back into my life. I could cry and kick and cause a fuss, only to have you turn around and talk to me. But ultimately, you know where you want to be. And that isn’t with me. And I’m okay with that.

I’ve learned that sometimes affection does not gape the lane we want it to. Sometimes we afford our everything to people who do not revert their minds to us. Sometimes we dream of something big, something real, only to be left chasing shadows, grabbing ahold of whatever we can before it tumbles between our fingertips.

I’ve learned that sometimes they are able to care so much for person or persons, but you still drift apart. Because you are looking for answers in someone who does not even care to know your interrogation. Since they are themselves are searching for something else, something that does not resemble you.

And so, I have learned that sometimes cherishing is consistent with leaving. With watching as somebody marches away, observes their own track, own storey, own hands to hold.

Sometimes love is the same as making depart .

And so I will love you in letting depart. I will love you by giving you the freedom of the media to do what you wish and chase what reaches “youre feeling” glowing and free. I will smile as you curdle and step away from me, into the arms of someone who, perhaps, can care for you differently than I could. Who, perhaps, is what you’ve unconsciously “ve been looking all over for”, every time your lips filled mine.

I will love you in breath. In liberating all our recognitions and remembering them for what they were–beautiful and fleeting. I will accept that you are no longer a part of my present fib, but care for you with a distance, a healthful separation.

I will love you in your leaving .

Love you because this is what you require and require, and who am I to tell you any differently? I will love you as we find ourselves in different narratives. I will love you as you find your direction, far away from me.

So often we think of enjoy as present, as discernible, as right in front of us. But detaching from you has schooled me otherwise–sometimes compassion is what we lose.

And we ascertain to cherish in a different way, memorize to affection by letting someone leave, by accepting their impermanence in our lives and acknowledging that they will always be a part of our natures, even if they are no longer ours to obstruct.

Marisa Donnelly is a poet and writer of the book,, available here.

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