NBA star J.J. Barea took the team jet down to Puerto Rico on a humanitarian mission home.

Dallas Mavericks extent polouse J.J. Barea lately expected his boss, Mark Cuban, for a huge indulgence. He needed to borrow the team plane.

Without hesitation, Cuban uttered Barea the go ahead and with good reason: Barrea needed to get to Puerto Rico to help his family and bring supplies for others stranded on the hurricane-ravaged island.

Barea celebrates a basket during a 2015 sport. Photo by Ronald Martinez/ Getty Images.

Carrying along 32 generators, 7 tons of ocean, 5 tonnes of food, and 1.5 tons of medical furnishes, Barea set off for his home of Puerto Rico the morning of Sept. 26, 2017.

Surveying the damage from the breath and on the foot, Barea was shocked by the level of desolation left by Hurricane Maria.

“It’s like a bomb exploded, ” he told the CBS affiliate in Dallas with cries welled up in his eyes.

Originally, Barea and his wife, Viviana, set out to crowdfund assistance provided to beings on the floor in Puerto Rico — something people who want to do can still bequeath to. However, when the possibility of being realize the trip down there himself came up, he climbed at the luck. His mom and grandmother, both on the island when Maria made, rode back in the plane with Barea as did some pals and even a few terminated strangers in need.

He’s planning on making another trip-up in the next few days to drop off more affords and furnish on-the-ground assistance of his own.

Barea tracts in Puerto Rico. Photo via CBSDFW/ YouTube.

Puerto Ricans are our fellow Americans, and they need our help.

The majority of the island’s 3.4 million residents were still without dominance as of Sept. 26, and many still don’t even have access to clean drinking water. Our chairperson doesn’t seem altogether invested in coming them the help they need, and a number of administrative obstructions — such as the Jones Act — dwell that impede those of us itching to help out from doing so.

Some, like Barea( via Cuban, of course) and Pitbull, have access to private airplanes they can use to help out during the crisis, but most of us don’t. Thankfully, Melissa Locker over at Fast Company taken together a speedy listing of things you, privately, can do and organizations you can support if you want to help those whose lives ought to have devastated by the storm.

Watch the Dallas-Fort Worth CBS news affiliate’s report on Barea’s trip below.

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