What’s it like to date a celebrity?

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Image caption This year’s players are Georgia Toffolo( bottom left ), Bobby Norris( core left ), Sarah-Jane Crawford( centre ), James Argent( top left ), Charlotte Dawson( centre right ), Frankie Cocozza( top liberty) and Calum Best

We’ve all doubted what it’s like to date a luminary – the reverie diners, paparazzi and exclusive events.

For the daters on E4’s Celebs Go Dating show, this has become a reality.

Members of the public get to date the person or persons they’ve looked on pictures like Performed in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex.

We spoke to the show’s operators and daters about what it’s like to go out with a personality.

Celebrity dating workers Eden Blackman and Nadia Essex have been leader celebrities since the support firstly beginning in September 2016.

This series’ contestants are Georgia Toffolo, Bobby Norris, Sarah-Jane Crawford, James Argent, Charlotte Dawson, Frankie Cocozza and Calum Best, who have appeared on demoes like The Alone Way is Essex( Towie ), Ex on the Beach, The X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother.

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Image caption Celebrity dating operators Eden Blackman and Nadia Essex use their expertise to find the perfect join for celebrities

Eden’s expertise comes from his online dating website, which he set up to stop people “catfishing”, implying they lie about who they truly are on social media in order enticement parties in.

He says from working on the display he’s been able to work out who genuinely wants to date a celeb and who just requires the popularity.

“We can tell from the daters’ social media if they’re in it for real intellects or to be on TV for their 15 instants of notoriety, ” he tells the BBC.

“The show has a huge team that interviews the daters and we have a conversation with them, requesting all sorts of questions.

“When we sit down with the daters we question first, why a celebrity dating agency?

“They say it’s to try something different, it’s a different kind of life, that celebrities are extremely organised, highly driven people.

“Some people just want to see or they just fancy Joey Essex and that’s why they want to come on the show.

“There’s an element of fun, as we’ve seen from Love Island, the benefits of being the appearance that represents it through are enormous.”

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Image caption Bobby Norris, from The Only Way is Essex, is the show’s firstly gay contestant

Paul Godfrey, 29, dated Bobby Norris from The Alone Way is Essex on the picture and says his life has changed since then.

“I work in fashion styling and episodes and I’ve dated beings in the public eye before.

“I meet parties in the field I’m in and it precisely depends if we get on, I like to look at the person , not the job claim.

“With Bobby I was lucky to meet someone honest and sincere, we had a lot in common and that was a good frost breaker.

“Your life does change when you time person notorious, beings followed mine and Bobby’s story as “were in” the first LGBT couple on the show.

“I get stopped most days on wall street, my adherents have gone up on social media but I’ve not had one bad comment.”

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Image caption Victoria dated Calum Best on the indicate

Victoria Winterford, 25, got to date two players on the appearance, Calum Best and Towie star James “Arg” Argent and says her appointments substantiated public impressions were wrong.

“I’ve watched Towie before and Arg has always come across as a nice person – he was really lovely, funny and welcoming.

“With Calum I had heard about his past stature but he substantiated himself to be a suitable gentleman, he has been shown in a bad sunrise and has really changed.

“I thought it would be a funny show and a good know, it would be a bit different as I’d never dated a notoriety before.

“I’m a personal teach and for me it’s been a good programme and I’ve had good feedback on Twitter.

“For me it’s not about honour or promoting teeth whitening, parties are over 15 hours of renown as it doesn’t last long.”

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Image caption Eden Blackman has been with the indicate since it beginning in 2016 and likewise runs a dating website that stops fake accountings being become

Celebs Go Dating was a surprise affected when it first has now come to screens last year and is now in its third series.

Eden believes this is down to the stars who take part, protecting the present amid recent denunciation that the contestants aren’t really luminaries.

“When the first sequence of Celebs Go Dating started, we had no project how this was going to work out.

“We needed to fill a certain extent of places and people like Steph Pratt( Seen in Chelsea) and Joey Essex( Towie) were great additions.

“This show is still in its infancy, so give us a year to get the celebs beings judge celebs.

“I’m going asked on Twitter by celebs how they can be a part of it.

“They have to invest in the process and listen to me and Nadia without five overseers telling them what to do.”

Celebs Go Dating is on E4 every weekday evening at 10 pm.

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