Artist Transforms Fallen Redwood Into Giant Octopus (15 Photos)

Artist Jeffrey Michael Samudosky recently altered a huge descended redwood into an amazing monstrou octopus statue. In the progress photos below you can see the staggering translation and how the octopus gradually takes shape. To appoint the artwork Samudosky exercised a variety of tools including chainsaws, dremels and chisels.

Born and raised in Shelton, Connecticut, Jeff examined arts and photography in high school. After graduating, he traveled the continent as an Outward Bound instructor, sparkler climber, and whitewater rafting guide. In Jackson Hole, Wyoming he taught as an Alpine mountaineering guide and grew certified as a wilderness emergency medical technician. That was also the place where their own lives changed drastically.

A crash while snowboarding left Jeff with a burst back and no compassion in his legs. Nonetheless, after eight months of unpleasant retrieval, Jeff retrieved the ardour in his legs and was back on his hoofs. Denying let his accident to be stopped from being the forceful human that he is, you chose to get back on his snowboard.

While on his highway to the mountain in Vermont he find some lumber carves along the side of a artery, and he pictured, a

I could do that.a

And so, JMS Wood Sculpture was digest in 1998. His business has allowed Jeff to live all over the country and wandering all over the world participating in contenders and he continues to be a trusted friend throughout the carving society.

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