Corinne Olympios Addresses The Rumors She & DeMario Jackson Are Dating

Earlier today TMZ reported that Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson are dating. The 2 are photographed at Disneyland comprising sides and were reportedly acting “cuddly”. I know, genuinely solid evidence we’ve get now. Well, Corinne responded to the DeMario rumors immediately. Hey Kylie, is impossible to possibly get the same speed of rumor approval from your camp? Requesting for a friend, and that pal is oh, I don’t know, THE ENTIRE FUCKING AMERICAN PEOPLE. Sorry. This isn’t about Kylie. This is about Corinne and DeMario.

Corinne started directly to Instagram Live( sidenote, who watches Corinne’s Instagram Live ?) to shut down the rumors. “I have something to say about this TMZ story, ” she said. Ooh, direct callout. That’s gotta burn, TMZ. “To those photographers following me around Disney yesterday. You can go fuck yourselves, because I was just at Disneyland trying to enjoy myself with your best friend. I am precisely not in the mood today and my overseer is squealing at me. But DeMario and I had a hard summer so leave us the fucking alone. You guys are fucking assholes. We’re friends, so get over it.”

I aim , no. We love you, Corinne, but YOU get over it. You went around a very public amusement park HOLDING HANDS with the guy who was at the center of a sex offense scandal with you. OF COURSE parties are going to think you’re dating, or at the very least, that you’re more than friends. I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t hold hands with my idealistic male friends( unless I’m drunk, then all speculations are off ). I too don’t going to see Disneyland with them, but I guess that’s more of a personal life option than a thinking of the idealistic mood of its relations. Like, yeah, it’s pestering to get followed around, but like, you could have offset that by not seemingly putting on a see for the cameras. Also, “I’m not in the mood today and my director is screaming at me”: prime Corinne quote and too what I will say anytime my boss asks me to do anything.

But Corinne didn’t stop at an Instagram live. She took it to Snapchat to sustain her rant.

“Hi guys so I’m just like no, ” she originated. “TMZ needs to stop, me and DeMario are love, person literally followed…followed me around Disneyland yesterday. I think that is so insolent and so impertinent. I was literally just trying to have a enjoyable daylight with my friends, there were a knot of us there. I’m certainly not sure why everyone merely wants to start drama. Me and DeMario are pals and we’ll always be friends.”

Again , no. First off, where are these aforementioned “bunch of” friends? I would like to see those photos. Because I looked at them, and aside from Corinne and DeMario, there was one other random girlfriend with them. Second, although extraness is an example of Corinne’s persona and the reason she is God’s gift to Tv, this is frankly a bit lots. Men and women get accused of dating all the time–you could just laugh it off like Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti did. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Also, come on. We’re not fucking stupid. You can’t do something obviously for publicity and then get mad when you get advertising for it. You likewise don’t get to appear on a reality indicate, its precede spin-off, AND be said that you have your own reality TV show in the works, and then get mad when TMZ reports on your goings-on. Unlike the thug life, which we all know is thrusted upon one at delivery, you purposely selected the fame life. You can stop at any time.( Not that I demand you to stop at any time. Quite the opposite, actually–please never leave me or my video. I’m just saying that you can .) As literally everyone says, “That’s show business.”

Now if you don’t thoughts, I’ve got a Google alert for “Corinne Olympios” and “DeMario Jackson” to attend to.

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