Watch this awesome video of an NFL quarterback paying it forward to Harvey victims.

When Deshaun Watson was 11 years old, an NFL star has now come to his recovery. Now in the NFL himself, Watson’s been it forward ever since.

In November 2006, Watson, his mother, and three siblings moved into a dwelling built by Habitat for Humanity and furnished by NFL running back Warrick Dunn in Gainesville, Georgia. The deed of donation, which helped his family get back on their paws after years living in public housing, influenced the man he grew up to be.

During his time as a perform quarterback at Clemson University, Watson helped build rooms for Habitat for Humanity, singing the organization’s admires the whole way. As a person who had benefitted from kindnes, he knew just how big certain differences it could stimulate in the life of someone else.

Watson tallies a touchdown, conducting the Clemson Vampire to succes in the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship Game. Photo by Kevin C. Cox/ Getty Images.

Today, Watson is a rookie with the NFL’s Houston Texans. When Hurricane Harvey affected, he knew he wanted to find a way to give back to those affected.

Watson decided to give his first game paycheck to some of the field employees affected by Hurricane Harvey.

A video announced to the Texans’ social media platforms proves Watson as he fills with three very surprised cafeteria workers who were hit hard by the squall. He sides each of them an envelope bound with red ribbon containing one-third of his first paycheck. Their shocked reactions are both glorious and inspiring.

According to ESPN, Watson’s base salary for the 2017 season is $465,000, offsetting his first play check worth $27,353. Meaning each cafeteria worker went $9,117.67.

Watson is not the only Texan to reacted the call in response to the whirlwind. Teammate J.J. Watt propelled a wildly successful crowdfunding attempt that developed more than $37 million for Harvey’s victims.

Watson’s donation and his commitment to charity shows the ripple effect that can come out of one good deed.

We may not all be pro contestants able to give millions of dollars to people who need it, but there are styles that each of us can help each other and conclude the world a better place. Small acts of kindness can snowball into life-changing times times down the line.

Charity and kindness make many forms, all powerful in their own channel. Watson substantiated the supremacy of it forwards with his donation, establishing himself available to help those in need.

Watch the feelings instant when Watson gives his tournament check to the three unsuspecting cafeteria hires below.

#HoustonStrong: Deshaun Watson’s gift

“If you can, you must.”

Deshaun Watson returned his first NFL game check to help a few familiar faces in need. #HoustonStrong

Posted by Houston Texans on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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