Marilyn Manson struck by falling stage scenery during New York concert

Musician taken to hospital after two large prop firearms held together with scaffolding came on him an hour into show

The rock star Marilyn Manson has been hospitalised after a place prop came on him while he performed in New York.

The musician, 48, was throbbed when two large prop artilleries held together with metal scaffold collapsed over during his display at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Saturday.

Images from the situation hint he had tried to climb up the shoots before they gate-crashed down on him. Reports from Twitter useds say he laid on theatre for up to 15 times before he was sent to hospital in a stretcher.

Video footage taken by Twitter consumers appearing to show the incident has appeared online.

The US news publication TMZ reported that the accident existed while Manson was performing the Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams( Are Made of This) about an hour into his present.

He was sent to hospital but it was not yet known how serious his injuries were.

Yousif Al Zaid, 23, who was at the show in New York said:” It happened in the middle of his song Sweet Dreams. He acted it and all of a sudden he descended on to the two handguns … At boundary of the ballad he stooped over holding one of the poles[ on the prop] and tipped over. Then it all proceeded speechless and you could hear a pin drop. Everyone hastened to him and there were rumours he was dead. Then they brought out a stretcher and “hes been” taken away.

” On my Twitter feed today beings are saying he has only separate his leg or ruptured his ankle, but there’s no official story more. It’s crazy actually- when he came they shut the curtain on the stage and dimmed the daylights. They then escorted everyone out .”

Another person, who was in the front row and asked to remain anonymous, said:” From my opinion extent in the breast row it didn’t look like he positioned that is something that load on it[ the prop] when it started tip-off. He tried to poise himself and propagandize it back but it wholly tipped and came on him. Two or three of his crew members hastened to get it off of him immediately .”

” Around this time his girlfriend, she’d been watching from a chair on the side of the stage, rushed over to him. His lover hastened off to the stage within times with her hand over her cheek and clear panicked … the security guard near me said they had paramedics on place. It was another minute or two before actual medics started to get on place .”

She computed:” It was genuinely surreal to watch him frisk live. It was great “but its” happy for it to end like that, was not really part of the proposal .”

One fan, who was at the concert, tweeted:

Anthony (@ antkneebee)

A piece of the change fell on @marilynmanson during “Sweet Dreams” … Hope he’s ok … It’s merely dark now.

October 1, 2017

Pictures from the concert taken before the accident depicted the great prop artilleries positioned at the centre of the back of the stage.

THE ISSUE (@ theissuecom)

Video: 48 Year Old Rock Star Marilyn Manson Crushed by Stage Props During NY Concert https :// Lapw1uV 0nk 2NptJsr1m4

October 1, 2017

A representative told Rolling Stone magazine:” Manson suffered an injury towards the end of his incredible NYC show. He is being treated at a neighbourhood infirmary .”

The artist, whose real specify is Brian Warner, is famous for 1990 s thumps including Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals. His stage name are from performer Marilyn Monroe and religion chairwoman Charles Manson.

The artist was three appointments into his The Heaven Upside Down Tour, which was due to end in a series of recitals in the UK in December. Previous theatre stunts have included ripping sheets out of a Bible. He supposedly broke his ankle during a recent show in Pittsburgh but stopped performing.

In a recent interrogation with the Guardian, Manson said here Columbine hitting “ruined” his job. The teenage gunmen, who killed 13 parties and injured 24 before killing themselves, were reported to be fans of the hotshot.

Manson said:” Honestly, the Columbine era destroyed my part profession at the time .”

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