San Juan Mayor Says No Time For Politics After Trump’s Taunts

San Juan’s mayor said there’s” no time for politics” in Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts from Hurricane Maria, hours after coming detonation by President Donald Trump on Twitter.

” I have just been one objective, and “its by” saving lives ,” Carmen Yulin Cruz, mayor of Puerto Rico’s largest metropoli, said in an interview with Bloomberg.” I will say whatever needs to be said or done to be able to do that. There should be no distractions. There’s no time for anything else .”

Earlier on Saturday, Trump said on Twitter that Cruz and others in Puerto Rico had exposed” such poverty-stricken leader clevernes” in being” no longer able get their workers to help .”

” They crave everything to be done for them ,” Trump said. He likewise suggested that Cruz had been told to criticize the president by” the Democrat” after earlier admiring the relief efforts.

Cruz said she wasn’t alone in finishing that federal action to help the U.S. commonwealth removed from Hurricane Maria, which hit on Sept. 20, had been inadequate so far.

” General Buchanan has said he doesn’t have what he needs in Puerto Rico to get the situation under control ,” she said of Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, who’s been appointed to lead all military typhoon the initiatives in Puerto Rico.” Don’t take my command for it, take a three-star general’s command for it .”

In an interview Friday with CNN, Buchanan said the Pentagon had 10,000 beings curing with typhoon answer efforts and that more were being added.” We’re bringing in both Air Force, Navy, and Army medical capabilities in addition to being able to aircraft, more helicopters ,” he said.” It’s not enough, and we’re accompanying more in .”