Twitter Is Trying To Stay Relevant In The Thirstiest Way Possible & It’s Not Going To Work

Poor Twitter. It’s learnt its asset collapse by 10%, they’re hemorrhaging users to Snapchat and Instagram, and it’s mostly simply related when the crazy human in the White House expends it to spread rigmarole. Now, in a last-ditch attempt to be associated with anything other than the worst parties on the internet, Twitter is doubling the character limit from 140 attributes to 280 people, in hopes the added words will make it most popular. Can somebody who still uses Twitter tweet at Jack Dorsey that this is a cruel fucking thought ?? Hint @ Jack: The problem with Twitter isn’t that people aren’t expressing themselves enough. That’s actually literally the opposite of the problem.

In case you’ve lose the days when you and your besties employed Twitter like a public group chat to spur FOMO, Twitter previously limited the number of characters included in a committed tweet to 140. Like, the whole proposition of the social media platform was telling people to actually think about and lessen what they say because any conception over two sentences is perhaps dumb as fuck. Frankly, it was kind of beautiful. It worked well in the late 2000 s( how was that already nearly a decade ago ??), when you still had to type “statuses” to let your millions of admiring fans acquaintances and family know wtf was up, but now we have Instagram and Snapchat, so does anybody still GAF about Twitter?

The answer to that investigate is a very loud HELL NO. To start with, the Kardashians pretty much simply use it to sell random shit for advertisers. You’re not going to find out whether or not Kylie is pregnant on Twitter, so that’s a fatal flaw. The only people who still severely use Twitter are He Who Must Not Be Specified, that funny daughter from high school who squanders it to broadcast her mental breakdown instead of Facebook like everybody else, the Russians, and people saying about whether or not something is racist. Basically, it’s a group of people who should be quietly journaling about their thoughts and suffers instead of posting on the internet.

So why is Twitter causing us more attributes to talk about dumb shit? Because Twitter thinks that this will oblige more people use their social media stage. As the bearer of bad news, let me say that the ship has voyaged. But there is still one reason to re-download Twitter–this double-dealing the amount of seat Chrissy Teigen has to bitch at Donald and Ivanka Trump. Chrissy Teigen may be Twitter’s savior, so if this mean we get more live-tweeted bestows demonstrates and political treatise from Chrissy, Twitter might have established its first good decision in years.

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