Let the gunge flow! Saturday morning kids’ TV goes live again

Image caption Yasmin Evans, Jonny Nelson and Hacker T Dog will be let off the rope

The multitudes of the BBC’s brand-new live Saturday morning children’s TV show are have committed themselves to bring back the skittish chaos of classic proves like Going Live! and Live and Kicking.

“It’s going to be an absolute zoo on establish, and I don’t recollect anyone, including ourselves, is ready for what’s going to happen.”

Yasmin Evans is communicating less than two days away from co-presenting two hours of silly games, sillier representations, celebrity interrogations, viewer phone-ins and caricatures on Saturday Mash-Up! on BBC Two and CBBC.

With a write on the table in front of her but without a full rehearsal until the day before she and co-host Jonny Nelson is living, the pair are dizzy with seat-of-your-pants anticipation.

“Being more prepared, specially when it’s a live display – I don’t think that’s the right way to do it, ” Evans says. “Well it had better not be, because I’m not! “