Family and friends pay tribute to Las Vegas shooting victims

Nurse, local government workers, and student among martyrs linked from across US and Canada as kinfolks singer sorrow on social media

A registered nurse from Tennessee. An off-duty Las Vegas police officer. A 35 -year-old Californian middle school teacher.

Details of the victims of Sunday night’s mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival country music fete in Las Vegas began to emerge on Tuesday, 24 hours after at least 58 parties were killed and hundreds more were injured during the most deadly mass killing in modern United States history.

Cameron Robinson. Photo: Courtesy of Bobby Eardley

Cameron Robinson

Cameron Robinson was a young metropoli of Las Vegas employee, who was at the celebration with his boyfriend, Bobby Eardley, when the popping clangs started.

Eardley recollected on Tuesday,” And I only recollect being really upset – why would somebody start out firecrackers at a venue like this when shootings have happened ?”

After a second round, Eardley decided it was time for them to move:” I retain experiencing parties sitting on the dirt and wondering why they were sitting because they were going to get stomped. And I realized the latter are hemorrhaging .”

Eardley, 36, and Robinson, 28, had been together for four years after satisfying on OkCupid; a year ago Robinson moved in with Eardley in St George, Utah. Robinson was a records professional for the city.

” Long before he came to work for the city he gave me his resume ,” recollected his boss, Las Vegas city attorney Brad Jerbic,” and the first thing I remember seeing is that he got his bachelor’s degree when he was 20 year old- that immediately got my attending .”

When Jerbic hired him several years ago, his desk purposed up being in the center of the bureau.” It was a excellent allegory ,” Jerbic said. Robinson planned potlucks, introduced menu to the office, flowed plays at the Christmas party.

With Robinson,” everything travelled up a notch. If it was recreation it was more fun, if the records were being processed efficiently it was more efficiently .”

Robinson’s sister, Meghan Ervin, wrote on Facebook:” I was never suppose to say good bye to you little brother. You were suppose to take over the world … I love you to the moon and back .”

What did Eardley love about him?

” He’s my other half. I’m the crazy, fly by the seat of your heaves- he’s the straight-shooting laced and degree manager one … And so many other things. His quirky little smile, his big teeth, his crooked sunglasses … so many things .”

Stacee Etcheber

Stacee Etcheber

Etcheber was impressed and killed while her husband, off-duty San Francisco police officer Vinnie Etcheber, tried to help usher others to safety.

” He put back, he accepted back to aid those victims that were shot and he protruded with them, he persisted with them all the way to the hospital ,” officer Etcheber’s brother Al told ABC San Francisco . When he returned to find his wife, everything was blocked off and she was unaccounted for.

” She leaves behind two adoring beautiful “childrens and” an amazing husband. Thank “youve got to” everyone for all the patronize in this past few days. We will dearly miss you ,” wrote Al Etcheber in a Facebook post.

Tara Smith

Tara Smith

Smith, 34, was a mother of two from Alberta, Canada and wielded as a professional model.” She was a beautiful mind. She was a wonderful father and our house is going to miss her dearly ,” her aunt Val Rodger told the Toronto Star .

Her company, Sophia Models, also expressed their condolences.” She worked as a sit for our busines for over 10 years. She was always a affectionate look and had a extremely helping atmosphere .”

Jordyn Rivera

Jordyn Rivera

Rivera, 21, was a fourth-year student in a healthcare control program at Cal State San Bernardino, and friends described her as a very warm, energetic person. In an email to students, university chairperson Tomas Morales announced her fatality” a destructive loss for the entire CSUSB kinfolk “.

” She passed away so young and she had everything going for her ,” wrote a family friend who set up a GoFundMe page on her family’s behalf.

Carrie Barnette

Carrie Barnette

Barnette was in Las Vegas celebrating a friend’s 30 th birthday, when she was struck with gunfire in the chest. Barnette, 34, worked on the culinary unit at Disneyland in Anaheim and the company expressed condolences in a affix Tuesday .” Our considers are with her family, together with our carry, during this incredibly difficult time ,” the affix read.

” She was a ray of sunshine ,” Destiny Calderon, a onetime coworker, told the Orange County Register .” She always had a smile. If you had a bad epoch, she would promote you up .”

That’s a affection several sidekicks shared on her Facebook wall.” Your paroles would bake my rips, your giggle would fix me smile ,” a friend wrote.

Rocio Guillen Rocha

Rocio Guillen Rocha

A longtime throw representative at Disneyland who lived in Anaheim, Guillen Rocha yielded birth to her fourth child, Austin, just six weeks ago.” My heart break-dance that you were taken from your children far too soon ,” wrote a friend on a GoFundMe started by one of Guillen’s cousins.

Even though Guillen Rocha was hit, it was reported she managed to advance a barricade at the concert venue, but subsequently vanished at the hospital.

Hannah Ahlers

Hannah Ahlers

A 34 -year-old mother of three, Hannah and her husband had come to the commemoration with three other couples. Dave Ahlers, Hannah’s father-in-law, confirmed Monday evening to the Las Vegas Review Journal that Hannah had been impressed in the heading by the gunfire.

” She was possibly one of the most beautiful maids I have ever seen, with a center to accord ,” a sidekick told the Los Angeles Times.” She never came across with the diva mentality she easily could have had. She was a dedicated father and bride .”

The music festival was a destination for country music supporters far and wide, and the reported deaths are too, from all over the US and Canada.

Sonny Melton

Sonny Melton

Sonny Melton, 29, who lived in Big Sandy, Tennessee, and wreaked at a nearby hospital, was the first prey publicly distinguished. Pedigree representatives confirmed to the news station WSMV that he was killed in the gunfire.

His wife, Heather Melton, told WZTV that her husband had shielded her from missiles on the anchor when the shooting embarked.” He saved my life and “losing ones” ,” she said.

A friend of the couple told the Paris( Tennessee) Post-Intelligencer that the two had get marriage about a year ago.

” I demand everyone to know what a kindhearted desiring worker he was, but at this level I can just exist ,” Heather Melton wrote to USA Today.

The couple both drove at Henry County medical center in Tennessee, he as a registered nurse, she as an orthopedic surgeon.” The thoughts and petitions of the entire HCMC family are with Sonny and Heather’s kinfolks ,” the center’s chief executive, Thomas Gee, said in a statement.

Jordan McIldoon

Jordan McIldoon

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported that a 23 -year-old British Columbia man, Jordan McIldoon, was also among the dead, in accordance with his mothers. Another concertgoer positioned on Facebook on Sunday night that McIldoon had” died in[ her] limbs “.

” We merely had one child ,” McIldoon’s mothers told CBC.” We just don’t know what to do .”

Bailey Schweitzer

Bailey Schweitzer

Local channels in Bakersfield, California, have confirmed with own family members that 20 -year-old Bailey Schweitzer was killed in the attack . The Los Angeles Times reported that Schweitzer was a receptionist at Infinity Communications and Consulting, a software firm in Bakersfield.

” Bailey was always the ray of sunshine in our power on a cloudy era ,” Infinity’s chief executive Fred Brakeman told the Times.” No one could possibly have a bad era when Bailey was around. If you have ever announced or called our role, she was the perky one that helped direct you to the staff member you needed .”

Dana Gardner

Dana Gardner

San Bernardino County administrators announced in an email to personnel that Dana Gardner, 52, a longtime county employee, had died Monday morning from gunshot winds kept in the onslaught .~ ATAGEND Five other district employees who were also at the concert are said to have been injured.

Bob Dutton, the assessor-recorder-county clerk, told the Sun that Gardner, the agent recorder, was a “go-to” party and a” dedicated public servant “.

Jessica Klymchuk

Jessica Klymchuk

Jessica Klymchuk, an Edmonton, Alberta, mother of four, was also confirmed dead in the shooting . In a statement, Alberta’s premier, Rachel Notley, called the incident an” acts of violence that is almost beyond comprehension in a time of quietnes “.

Klymchuk operated as an education auxiliary, librarian and bus motorist for St Stephen’s School, according to the Edmonton Journal.

Tina Moore, who had worked with Klymchuk, said:” She did so much for her children. She went over and above for them .”

Klymchuk was in Vegas with her groom-to-be for the music festival.

Quinton Robbins

Quinton Robbins

The first Las Vegas resident identified as a victim was 20 -year-old Quinton Robbins, a student at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

On Facebook, the status of women who marked herself as Robbins’s aunt wrote:” He was the most category and affectionate being. Everyone who met him loved him. His infectious chortle and smile. He was truly an amazing being .”

Rhonda LeRocque

Rhonda LeRocque

Rhonda LeRocque, of Tewksbury, Massachusetts, was identified as a victim by relateds. Her category told Boston 25 News that she was with her husband, Jason, when she was shot in the back of the brain.

“[ Her partner] felt she ducked and she didn’t- she was caught in the back of the chief ,” Rhonda’s half-sister Jennifer Zelenski said.

Denise Burditus, right

Denise Burditus

Denise Burditus , of Martinsville, West Virginia, was also among the first countries casualties to be identified.

Her husband, who was also at the concert, sorrowed her on Facebook.” It grieves me to say that I lost my spouse of 32 times, a mother of two, soon to be grandmother of five working this evening in the Las Vegas hitting ,” Tony Burditus wrote.” Denise delivered in my weapons. I Desire YOU BABE .”

Sandy Casey

Sandy Casey

The city of Manhattan Beach, California, misplaced Sandy Casey, 35, a middle school teacher. A daily newspapers, the Daily Breeze, reported that Casey was a special-education teacher from Redondo Beach, and had attended the Route 91 Harvest festival with a group of peer professors, principals and staff members from Manhattan Beach Unified, which shared bulletin of her death in an email to parents.

Casey was involved to Christopher Willemse, a special-education aide-de-camp, in agreement with the Daily Breeze. He shared a photo of the couple on Facebook and wrote:” As I sit and sorrow such a beautiful life gone too fast, all I can say is look up and keep watching the fledglings fly high and free today as that’s where I appear you smiling down upon all of us. I love you baby girlfriend! Love you to bits !”