Las Vegas shooting: Remembering the fallen

The deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. biography left 58 dead and more than 520 people injured after a gunman opened fire on horde of 22,000 concertgoers during a country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip.

As the deplorable bulletin undid throughout the day, families and friends spoke to media shops to talk about their loved ones.

At least 59 people were killed and more than 520 were injured during Las Vegas Sunday when a gunman were fired at a country music festival

Charleston Hartfield

The 34 -year-old was an off-duty police officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for 11 years.

Charleston Hartfield was a Las Vegas police officer. He was one of the 58 parties killed when a gunman opened fire on a country music commemoration in Las Vegas over the weekend. ( LVMPD)

Hartfield was described as a well-respected and selfless is part of all levels of society. The military veteran had a son and a daughter. As a youth football coach-and-four, he cured every actor to outdo, said Stan King, whose lad toy on Hartfield’s team.

Troy Rhett, another friend, told you he knew Hartfield was attending the concert on Sunday. After hearing about the mass shooting, he texted him to be informed about whether he was safe. Hartfield never got back to him.

Hartfield is reputation as the author of a bible designation “Memoirs of a Public Servant” about his job as a Las Vegas police officer.

Dorene Anderson

The 49 -year-old was the second Alaskan killed in the shooting, is in accordance with her husband’s employer.

Dorene Anderson was from Alaska and was attending the concert with her daughters. ( Facebook)

She attended the concert with her daughters.

Her husband, John, worked for the Alaska Housing Finance Corp. The company’s CEO sent out an email on Monday saying Dorene was killed in the shooting.

Anderson described herself on Facebook as a stay-at-home mommy interested in the bush league hockey team, Alaska Aces. She was a member of the Aces’ “Cowbell Crew.”

“Dorene was the most beautiful, manner and committing maid I have ever known. She adored her husband and girls with a passion we could never pair, ” wrote Gayle Simmons White, a love, according to KTUU. “I revered her every action. She was an angel on Earth and will forever walk in our lives.”

Denise Burditus

The 32 -year-old mother of two and soon-to-be grandmother from West Virginia passed away in the arms of her husband, Tony.

Denise Burditus was a soon-to-be grandmother and attended the concert with her husband. ( Facebook)

“Denise elapsed in my weapons. I LOVE YOU BABE.”” her husband wrote on social media, according to MetroNews, a radio depot in West Virginia.

Just hours before the attack, Burditus announced a illustration on social media from the gala, registering herself and her husband smiling as they stood in front of the stage. It was the second largest duration the couple attended the fair.

Lisa Romero-Muniz

The 48 -year-old was a beloved high school secretary and advocate for students from New Mexico. She was described as an “incredible affection and sincere friend, mentor and campaigner for students” by the Gallup-McKinley County Public Schools interim superintendent.

Lisa Romero Muniz was a 48 -year-old wife, father and grandmother. She was also a high school secretary. ( Facebook)

Muniz leaves behind a spouse, children and grandchildren, according to the school district.

Sonny Melton

The 29 -year-old from Big Sandy, Tenn ., expired protecting his wife when the gunman loosed a herald of missiles, his family told Fox affiliate WZTV.

Sonny Melton was one of the people killed during Las Vegas after a gunman fire on a country music celebration. ( Facebook via AP)

“At this spot, I’m in ended mistrust and melancholy, ” the man’s wife, Heather Gulish Melton, told the depot in a statement released Monday. “I don’t know what to say. Sonny was “the worlds largest” kind-hearted, adoration adult I have ever met. He saved my life and lost his.”

Melton, 29, was a registered nurse who worked at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital in Jackson, Tenn ., according to his Facebook profile.

On Friday night, Melton posted on the social media area that he was attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas with his wife, an orthopedic surgeon.

The couple labor at the same hospital and even married 2016.

“We were the couple that never should have met, fallen in love or had a future together….but life is funny and we believe God brought us together as soul mates, ” read their wedding sheet on the website The Knot. “We have shared amazing seasons together and practically insufferable heartaches, but through everything there is we have grown stronger in our adoration for one another and our families.”

Jordan McIldoon

The 23 -year-old Canadian died in the shooting, according to multiple media reports. He was days away from his 24 th birthday. A fellow concertgoer, Heather Gooze, wrote on her Facebook page that McIldoon died in her weapons, CBC News reported Monday.

Jordan McIldoon, left, was attending a country music concert with his lover when he was impressed and killed by a gunman. ( Facebook)

The man’s parents, who demonstrated their son’s death to the news channel, said McIldoon attended the concert with his sweetheart and had planned to return home on Monday.

“We simply had one child, ” they said. “We simply don’t know what to do.”

Adrian Murfitt

The 35 -year-old Alaska native died during the concert, a family member said Monday. Murfitt labor as a fisherman, and went to Vegas to attend the concert to “treat himself to something nice and fun, ” his sister told The Associated Press.

Adrian Murfitt of Anchorage, Alaska, was one of the person or persons killed when a gunman opened fire on a country music fair in Las Vegas. ( Courtesy of Avonna Murfitt via AP)

Shannon Gothard described her friend as a subject with a hearty giggle and a onetime competitive hockey player who still dabbled in video games. “His whole life was always around hockey, ” she said.

Jessica Klymchuk

The 28 -year-old was an educational deputy, librarian and bus motorist in Valleyview, Alberta.

From Canada, Jessica Klymchuk, 28, was lately involved. ( Facebook)

“The scope of this misfortune is worldwide, and “weve been” sentimentality its impact here at home, ” the division’s administrator, Betty Turpin, said in a statement.

A post on Klymchuk’s Facebook page says she got engaged in April, and was in Vegas with her fiance.

Susan Smith

The 53 -year-old was a California resident who worked for the Simi Valley School District since 2001.

Susan Smith worked for the Simi Valley School District. She was married with children. ( Facebook)

“Susan was wonderful with the minors and the staff and was an integral part of the school parish here, ” said Jake Finch, the public info officer for the district. “She was the hub of everything that happened at the school. If a kid is sick, she’s the one calling the parents and no matter how tumultuous things came here, she was always smiling.”

Co-workers learned about Smith’s death from acquaintances who attended the fair with her.

Guidance consultants were made available to both students and educators on Monday. And when students were told, they took part in activities such as writing letters and performing posters for Smith.

“It doesn’t sound like lots, but it opens girls something to latch on to, to make sure they felt like they were able to help in some way, ” she said.

Smith was married with two adult children.

Sandy Casey

The 35 -year-old was a middle school special educational teacher who attended the Las Vegas concert with her groom-to-be and a friend.

Sandy Casey, 35, was committed precisely five months ago in New Zealand. ( Burr and Burton Academy)

Casey was an alumna of the College of St. Joseph in Rutland, Vt ., and Assumption College in Worcester, Mass ., said Linda O’Leary, a cousin of Casey’s mother who is acting as a family spokeswoman. The lineage is considering setting up a grant in Casey’s name.

Quinton Robbins

Quinton Robbins, 20, was a University of Nevada-Las Vegas student described as easily-admired. He had a “contagious laugh and smile, ” according to his aunt.

Quinton Robbins, 20, was a University of Nevada-Las Vegas student. ( Facebook)

“I can’t say fairly good about this sweet soul, ” the aunt, Kilee Wells Sanders, wrote on social media. “Everyone who encountered him enjoyed him. His infectious chortle and smile.”

“Please likewise respect their privacy as this is a devastating loss that is incredibly agonizing for the families, ” she added as she asked for people’s prayers.

Angie Gomez

Angie Gomez was a 2015 graduate of Riverside Polytechnic High School PTSA in Riverside, Calif.

Angie Gomez moved away from Riverside Polytechnic High School in Riverside, Calif ., in 2015. ( GoFundMe)

“She will always be loved and endeared by our Poly Family, ” the school wrote on Facebook.

Rhonda LeRocque

Rhonda LeRocque, 41, was described as “one of the most wonderful people you will ever fill in your life” who attended Sunday’s concert with her daughter and husband.

Rhonda LeRocque, 41, attended the concert with her husband and daughter that were allegedly not injured. ( Facebook)

The devastated household demonstrated her death to The Boston Globe. Her husband and daughter were not harmed.

“All I know is someone started killing and beings are feeing and she got shot in the president, ” Carol Marquis, LeRocque’s grandmother, told the Globe. “And we lost a dear, close, good person — one of the nicest people you will ever fill in your life.”

The woman from Massachusetts was active in her religiou and worked for a intend house, the Globe reported.

Jennifer Irvine

A San Diego “bubbly, cheerful, pint-sized, vigorous advocate, ” Jennifer Irvine, 42, was set to do “good circumstances in her career.”

Jennifer Irving, who attended the music celebration with her friends, was a “bubbly, cheerful, pint-sized, vigorous attorney.” ( Facebook)

She reportedly devoted her final minutes dancing and singing at the concert with her girlfriends, TIME store reports.

“Jennifer Irvine, you are a shining light that will not be obliterated by a gutless coward with a grease-gun. You made so much better elation to others, including me. You left this world singing& dancing, but far too soon, ” wrote Kyle Krasta, a sidekick of Jennifer’s.

“You made this world a better place plainly by your proximity. So long, my dear friend.”

John Phippen

A father from Santa Clarita, Calif ., John Phippen’s son stands hospitalized after being shot. But Phippen croaked Monday morning.

John Phippen’s son was also supposedly shot by the gunman at the music concert. ( GoFundMe)

“If you didn’t know John you surely missed out, ” family friend Leah Nagyivanyi said on a GoFundMe sheet for the papa. “He had a nerve that was greater than life and a personality to parallel. You felt like you knew him for years the first time you met him.”

Nagyivanyi said Phippen “enjoyed the simple occasions in life.”

“Even if you were someone “hes never” “ve met before” but were in need, he was there for you, ” she withdrew.

Thomas Day Jr .

Thomas Day Jr ., 54, of the Las Vegas area, was at the fair with his four children. He reportedly wreaked as a residence builder.

Thomas Day Jr. had attended the gala with “their childrens”. ( Facebook)

Neysa Tonks

Neysa Tonks, 46, initially from Utah, endeavoured to Las Vegas 10 years ago.

Neysa Tonks had moved to Las Vegas from Utah. ( Facebook)

Her brother said: “She was pretty much a single mom who elevated three boys. She was a great mom and a great sister and a great friend, ” who worked at the IT house Technologent.

Bailey Schweitzer

Bailey Schweitzer, 20, was described as “the ray of sunshine” by her employers.

Bailey Schweitzer, 20, was among those killed at the Las Vegas country music fair. ( Facebook)

“If you have ever announced or called our place, she was the cheery one that helped direct you to the staff member you needed, ” wrote Infinity Communications and Consulting CEO Fred Brakeman in a statement announcing the fatality.

Rachael Parker

Rachael Parker, a police records technician, was shot and ultimately was killed in research hospitals, the Manhattan Beach Police Department said.

Rachael Parker was a police records technician for the Manhattan Beach Police Department. ( Manhattan Beach Police Department via AP)

Parker was among four district employees who were attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival while off-duty. Another declined minor injuries.

“She was employed with the Manhattan Beach Police Department for 10 years and will be greatly missed, ” the department said in a statement.

Jack Beaton

Jack Beaton of Bakersfield, Calif ., was killed while handling his wife from gunfire.

Jack Beaton was fatally shot as he exploited his form to protect his wife. ( Facebook)

His mother-in-law told KBAX-TV that Beaton was an “incredibly affectionate, helping and loving” man.

The news station declared that he was celebrating his 23 rd remembrance at the music fair, and when the gunfire call out, he shielded his wife.

Jerry Cook, his father-in-law, said Beaton covered his wife with his person and “got shot I don’t know how many times.”

“She knew he was dying, ” Cook said of his daughter. “He informed her he enjoyed her. She told him she enjoyed him, and she would discover him in heaven.”

Beaton has two children, Jake and Delaney, according to KBAX.

Victor Link

Victor Link, 55, was living in San Clemente, Calif ., his sister told KBAX-TV. He was supposedly killed by the gunman on Sunday.

Victor Link, of California, was killed during the attack. ( Facebook)

Christopher Roybal

Christopher Roybal, 28, was described as jubilant and fun-loving, despite knowledge intense action during four tours in the Middle East.

“He is a guy that could always applied a smile on your face … after all the stuff he had been through, ” said David Harman, who founded a company that owns the Colorado gym where Roybal worked.

Roybal, 28, directed at Crunch Fitness in Corona and Riverside, California, before he moved at the start of the year to improve open dealerships in Colorado Springs.

“As far as responsibility and subject and study ethic, there wasn’t all the issues about him coming on board with us, ” said Harman, who has known Roybal for about 4 1/2 years. “He was a good hard worker, a grinder.”

“He was the guy who if your vehicle are broken down in the middle of the light, you could call him and he would come are contributing to, ” Harman added. “He is that guy who would find solutions , not report on problems.”

Hannah Ahlers

A mother of three from Murrietta, Calif ., Hannah Ahlers was one of the victims in Sunday night’s shooting, her father-in-law told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Heather Ahlers was a father of three. ( Facebook)

Ahlers, 34, attended the fair with her husband and other duos. She was fatally hits in the honcho when the gunman opened fire.

Dave Ahlers, her father-in-law, said she was a “loving, helping and devoted mother” of children who range in senility from 14 – to 3-years-old.

On her Facebook page, friends remembered Ahlers as a “beautiful person inside and out.” One Facebook friend commented that Ahlers “would publicly shows[ her] sect on” social media, something now striking.

Kurt Von Tillow

Kurt Von Tillow, 55, attended the carnival with some family members and was fatally shot. His partner, daughter and son-in-law “ve managed” escape the concert unharmed; his sister and niece were hospitalized but expected to survive, according to KCR-ATV.

Kurt Von Tillow’s lineage described him as awfully patriotic. ( Facebook)

“My brother-in-law was the most patriotic party you’ve ever encountered, ” Von Tillow’s brother-in-law Mark Carson told the news station. “Guarantee you, he was covered in cherry-red, white and blue, with a Coors Light in his hand, smiling with his family and listening to some music.”

A memorial has been erected outside of Von Tillow’s backyard, adorned with an American flag and blooms. During a accumulate of friends and family Monday to recollect the Californian, “the member states national” carol played.

“He adored to golf, cherished his guild, desired his family, affection his country, ” Carson told KCRA. “He’ll be really missed.”

Carrie Barnette

Disney employee Carrie Barnette was among those killed Sunday night, Disney CEO Robert Iger announced on Twitter.

Carrie Barnette was a Disney employee. ( Facebook)

Barnette, 34, ran at Flo’s V-8 Cafe in Cars Land in Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, Calif ., according to People.

“Carrie Barnette has been a member of the Disney California Adventure culinary crew for ten years and was beloved by her friends and peers, ” Iger said in a statement. “Our judges are with their own families, together with our aid, during this incredibly difficult time.”

Iger also took to Twitter to announce the loss of the employee.

“A senseless, grisly, achievement, and a terrifying loss for so many, ” Iger said. “Tragic.”