Tragedies to test Trump as nation’s comforter

Washington( CNN) President Donald Trump originates 2 day of succour on Tuesday, traveling to storm-battered Puerto Rico before constituting his behavior to Las Vegas to view a different type of wreckage at the site of the most dangerous filming in modern US history.

It’s the most converged stretching of presidential comforting to occur during Trump’s tenure, which has been commemorated more by stoking of partitions than exhibitions of pity. Nevertheless, Trump on Monday carved to presidential precedent, striking a unifying feeling during a solemn address at the White House.

“Our unity cannot be smashed by sin, our bonds cannot be broken by brutality, ” Trump said. “And though we perceive such enormous wrath at the idiotic assassinate of our fellow citizens, it is our charity that specifies us today — and always will, forever.”

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