The campaign promise Trump chose to keep

( CNN) There is now a billboard on the street of Jerusalem reading: “God Bless Trump, From JerUSAlem to Washington DC.”

Along with confidences that he would build a wall and abolition and supplant Obamacare, then-candidate Donald Trump campaigned on the promise to re-locate the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Now, nearing the end of his first time in office, President Trump is following through with his commitment. With this announcement, he made it clear that this is the right time and the right gradation to take in his hopes to achieve peace in the Middle East.

The President’s action is already spurring disapproval from some, which requests the question: Why deplore Trump for carrying out a campaign promise while recognizing a reality that Congress declared over 20 years ago? Not exclusively is he responding to his missionary base’s wishings with this move on Jerusalem, but he is also recognizing and affirming the necessity of achieving the peace process to move ahead.