Australia’s only openly gay imam starts the country’s first LGBTQ mosque.

It’s a difficult to be gay anywhere, even in a country where wedding equality was just legalized. But for a good deal of homosexual Muslims who previously front xenophobia all over the world, it gets a lot harder.

An imam in Australia is trying to change that by opening the country’s firstly mosque for LGBTQ Muslims.

The proposed mosque, announced this week, is the brainchild of Nur Warsame, the only openly gay imam( worship commander) in the two countries. As a instructor to young people in his society, he’s received poignant daily calls for years from young LGBTQ Muslims trying assist — and often protection against their family and community members.

He knew he had to do something. “If you come out you will be expelled, you will be excommunicated, you risk losing even their own lives, at times, in all parts of the world, ” he said in a 2016 video interrogation with Australia’s television program “The Project.”

Warsame’s solution is an entirely new kind of mosque, set to be established in Melbourne, that can be used as a safe infinite for young LGBTQ Muslims — a second residence, where they can find foundation and resources along with a place to love. The place is also in close proximity to Prahran Market Clinic, an LGBTQ-dedicated medical middle, another hospice, and a police headquarters.

“One of its most important circumstances that our young people need is safe, inexpensive housing, ” Warsame told Australia’s ABC structure. “For young people to transition safely they cannot be in the environment that is causing them trauma.”

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Warsame ought to know: He’s frequently opened the doors of his modest accommodation to LGBTQ Muslims who don’t experience safe staying with their own families.

In most conservative schools of conceive, homosexuality is considered a guilt against Islam. A slew of Islamic scholars also believe that homosexuality was not consistent with Islam, often quoting the story of Lot found in both the Quran and the Old Testament. The legend am of the view that God destroyed Lot’s tribe for allegedly engaging in lesbian fornication.

But that’s simply one interpreting. Another reading of Lot’s narration am of the view that God destroyed the tribe because the people of Sodom and Gomorrah failed to help the poor and disadvantaged and refused to stop inflicting unlawful sexual intercourse( of all kinds , not just homosexual) upon each other.

Some of these sentiments are incorporated into certain Muslim-majority countries. For sample, in Morocco and Egypt, homosexual numbers are illegal. In some theocracies like Saudi Arabia, homosexual routines are even culpable by death.

It’s important to be recognised that not all countries that criminalize gay liaisons are Muslim-majority. However, in countries such as Jordan, Turkey, and Indonesia — which is the most Muslim country in the world — there is no( official) misdemeanour in being lesbian.< strong>

Unfortunately, some of these hard-line goals on homosexuality seep into the family dynamic. There are horror stories of children disclaimed by their parents after coming out to their parents or fleeing their residences to escape domestic violence. These suffers often leave young LGBTQ Muslims without a residence or a residence for shelter.

That’s where Warsame steps in.

“I had seven parties housed at my one-bedroom suite […] because it was life or death for them, ” Warsame supplemented. “They had to leave[ their own families residence] that day, then and there.”

Warsame told ABC in Australia that he is collaborating with local police to ensure that his new mosque and members of the community worshipping there is established in a safe and secure arena.

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Warsame is all too familiar with what it’s like to be outcast as an LGBTQ Muslim.

The Somali-born imam contributed one of Melbourne’s largest mosques and has been an imam for about 13 years. He is the one of two Australian Muslim captains to gain the hard-earned deed “hafiz.”( An hafiz, which translates to “guardian” in Arabic, somebody who memorized the entire Quran .)

Things all changed in 2010 when Warsame firstly publicly “re coming out” as gay. The Muslim clergy in the two countries separated ties with him as a result. The imam also said that he receives death threats from people who imagine homosexuality is against or incompatible with Islam.

“It’s disgusting, because you suffer from Islamophobia, from both the mainstream non-Muslim parish and even some in the LGBT community, and homophobia from both, ” he told The Project.

Warsame belief LGBTQ Muslims have it hard considering that, in addition to homophobia, they also have to endure Islamophobia as Muslims in Australia.

Image by “ABC Australia.”

The mosque announcement comes on the heels of a rapidly growing global progress dedicated to creating safe and all-inclusive mosques for LGBTQ Muslims and women.

In Germany, where burqas are banned, a “progressive” mosque devote to greeting LGBTQ Muslims and offering mixed-gender devotion services opened in June 2017. In November 2012, Europe’s firstly “gay-friendly” mosque opened in Paris.

In the United States , non-profit makings like Muslims for Progressive Values are generating LGBTQ-friendly mosques across the country. And in Washington , D.C ., Daayiee Abdullah — the U.S.’s firstly frankly lesbian imam — weds same-sex Muslim duos in the Islamic tradition and also offers funeral services for gay Muslims who died from AIDS.

The fight for LGBTQ rights and inclusivity goes well beyond the mosque.

For example, Islamic scholars like Reza Aslan have written in reinforcement of gay claims. Pakistan, a Muslim-majority country, legalized marriage permissions for transgender people in 2016 and officially recognized “transgender” as a third gender for passports — something the U.S. has already been to do.

And while homophobia is surely an issue within some of the most conservative and fundamentalist societies, Muslims aren’t universally anti-gay, either. For speciman, according to Imam Dayiee, the Islamic Ottoman Empire decriminalized homosexuality in 1858 — about 100 years before any Western country did.

If the world was ready then, we should find it within ourselves to push for progress now.

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