Sometimes I Wonder If You Ever Cared At All

Caique Silva

Sometimes I wonder if you ever attended at all. Sometimes your silence determines me think that you never certainly helped and it was all an act.

I wonder — when I know for sure you heard about my tendernes or my mother’s illness or my dad’s surgery and “youve never” tried to call, “youve never” tried to ask how I’m doing, you never tried to reach out to see if I needed anything at such a difficult time in my life. You were so absent-minded. So far away when I necessitated you next to me.

I wonder — when you meet me doing well at work and finally living my nightmare, do you are interested in mailing’ I’m proud of you, ’ or’ you’re doing great ?’ A few messages to mitigate the agony of the tour that people know so well. A few paroles to perform me smile. Is it so hard for you to say something,?

You were always avaricious with your wars but I didn’t know that you were also avariciou with your words .

I wonder — when you know that it’s my birthday and everyone I cherish is letting me are well aware that they retain me, that I’m on their knowledge, that there is a desire to they were able to celebrate with me, do you feel the same room? Do you look back and recollect where reference is used to call one another at midnight and hang up 5 hours later?

I wonder — when you’re alone at night, rethinking everything like you always do, evaluating your friends after a light out, investigating every new person you meet to see if they’re sincere, do you think of me? Do you realize how sincere and real I was with you? Do you ever long for one more discussion between us? Because they were so easy and so effortless and so raw. Do I even bridge your thought when you think of other parties?

I wonder — when you’re assumed and going through your contact listing, do you stop at my call? Do you type up contents and then remove them? Do you feel a insignificant counsel to really dial my multitude exactly to assure what would happen? Do you wonder what it would be like if we started talking again? Sometimes I wonder if you still have my count or if you deleted it because I never hear from you.

I wonder — when I’m alone, staring at these empty-bellied walls, thinking of all the people who matter to me, thinking of all the people I miss, why I gave you so much. Why did I put you on such a pedestal? Why did I devote so much in you?

Sometimes I wonder what I experienced in you. Why did I think you were so special? Perhaps I meditate because I still don’t is understandable I did that to myself or perhaps I speculate because I still don’t understand why I let you do all of this is something that me .

But sometimes, after all this wondering, I find myself remembering all the individuals who there for me, the ones who compiled me smile, the ones who tolerate by my surface when I needed them. I recollect how blessed I am to have such amazing parties in my life. I remember how much they love me and how they always find ways to let me just knowing that I mean to them.

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