The Surreal Oil Paintings of Joel Rea (12 Photos)

Joel Rea was endure in 1983 and moved away from Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2003.

Identifying as a contemporary surrealist painter, Rea develops imagined scenarios that represent and deal with the affairs of the present. All constructed in his recognisable hyperrealistic style, Reaa

s work is a meld of government , social and environmental commentary.

“My working life as an artist consists of meticulously moving coat whilst absorbing several new sources of audio report through the internet. My hunger for acquaintance develops at an accelerated charge but eventually I am within a cosmo of constant distraction, a psychological condition of constant illusion, reminiscence and imagery limitation by my animal body.

I aim now in my brand-new work to open doors to these countless spaces of lofty interest, to commentatea

| Wea

ve jaunted millions of years to get here, a race with amnesia pelting forwards and fooled by a blue-sky vale. Our personal involves started prime over investigating the human consciousness, the most magical architect ever present.”

Rea is represented by Mitchell Fine Art and you can see much more of his work on the links below. I’ve included a gallery of my own personal favourites along with some videos that analyse his process and approaching to oil painting. Enjoy!

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