20+ Of The Funniest Reasons Why Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Are BFFs

What’s better than one classically-trained actor “whos also” observed for his later life geek-friendly roles and posting strange word-paintings online? Why, two such actors, of course. Sir Patrick Stewart( 77) and Sir Ian McKellen( 78) share a bromance so strong, it inspects they have been destined to be together.

Both of them started out on the British stage before characters in television and cinema. Stewart gained worldwide honour for representing Captain Picard in “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” McKellen hit it big with “X Men” and “Lord of the Rings”. Stewart and McKellen met in the 1970 s in the Royal Shakespeare Company. McKellen was already toy the largest places, but Stewart, who adored him, noted him terrorizing. The two men – both knighted by Queen Elizabeth – certainly ligament over their shared life suffer while filming “X Men.” The pair told CBS that they both turned to acting as an escape — Stewart from his abusive leader and McKellen from his early conflicts as a gay but closeted actor.

Bored Panda has accumulated some of the funniest portraits, captivating the essence of their friendship to prove that all of us necessary a person to rely on. Including luminaries. From going on a Ferriss wheel to performing at the 62 nd London Evening Standard Theatre Awards, these chaps cherish their exceedingly quirky and very precious bond everywhere they go to. Scroll down to check out some of the funniest minutes from their everyday undertakings and vote for your favorites.

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