Former Mexican President To Trump: ‘Your Mouth Is The Foulest Shithole In the World’

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox thumped President Donald Trump on Thursday, after reports surfaced that Trump had complained about parties coming to the United States from “shithole countries” while considering immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti and African countries.

Fox called out Trump over the mentions that sources firstly told The Washington Post came about during an Oval Office meeting with lawmakers who were discussing reinstating armours for immigrants from those regions on Thursday.

“Your mouth is the foulest shithole in the world, ” Fox tweeted instantly at Trump . “With what jurisdiction do you extol who’s welcome in America and who’s not. America’s greatness is built on diversity, or have you forgotten your immigrant background, Donald? ”

Sources that spoke to The Washington Post quoted Trump as saying: “Why are we having all these parties from shithole countries “re coming”? ”

The president also apparently intimated the U.S. should welcome more immigrants from countries like Norway. The contentious statements were confirmed by NBC News, BuzzFeed and CNN.

Sen. Dick Durbin( D-Ill .), who was at the White House meeting, also confirmed the comments to HuffPost on Friday. Durbin, who was the first to go on account over the reports, computed Trump also said the U.S. should “take … out” Haitians currently living in the U.S.

Trump seemed to deny reports that he referred to the nations as “shithole” countries in a series of tweets on Friday morning.

The Trump administration has already completed temporary shielded status for immigrants from Haiti and Nicaragua. Earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security announced the administration would end temporary protected status for migrants from El Salvador. The decision will leave more than 200,000 beings currently living in the U.S. at risk of deportation starting September 2019.

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