Someone In Berlin Came Up With A Creative Way To Fight Swastikas That Started Appearing On The Streets

Like the protestors in the 60 ’s putting flowers in the barrels of handguns, some people know that the best mode to fight against abhor is with cherish, attractivenes and creativity.

Ibo Omari is one of those people. Through his NGO Die kulturellen Erben ( The Cultural Heritage) he started Paintback, awareness-raising campaigns to rotation abhorrent badges and slogans on the streets into something merriment and artistic.

Based in Berlin, Germany, the Paintback concept has so far embraced up several swastikas around the streets of the city, as far-right groupings of Germany begin to show signs of increased work. Exercising simple-minded layouts and templates, the graffiti artists involved in Paintback hope to inspire others to respond to ugly hate senses in their cities, and impel something beautiful out of them. Via a short video shared on social media, which went viral in Germany, the campaign has quickly spread to other municipals in the country and beyond with others announcing their own swastika alterations under the hashtag #Paintback.

Scroll down below to ensure some of the a few examples of Paintback at work, be inspired, and don’t forget to vote for your beloved!

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