Daniel Henniger: Trump is sane. And Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire and Fury’ just did him a big favor

By putting it out there that the U.S. chairman is an “idiot, ” a “dope, ” “dumb as sh–” and basically moronic, Michael Wolff may have ensured the success and resumption of Donald J. Trump’s fanciful presidency. That’s right, Michael Wolff, who declared on “Meet the Press” that “this is 25 th Amendment kind of stuff, ” did President Trump a favor.

It’s inconceivable to know which half of Mr. Wolff’s book is more-or-less true and which half is second-level hearsay( same to many of the Russian deceit tales ). So it follows that among those indeterminate about what’s hoax is Donald Trump. After all, person did accept Mr. Wolff, a well-known stab-in-the-back specialist, to hang around the White House for six months. A fortune of White House courtiers, includes the deported Steve Bannon, seem to have depleted most of their working hours the first six months speed-dialing dirt to White House reporters. We all watched the muck seeps into the Oval Office.

So “if youre trying to” Donald Trump, and like any ordinary party don’t miss “the worlds” to think you’re bozo, what do you do? You attest they are wrong. Which is what Mr. Trump did twice the coming week with awareness goal in public forums. Both incidents is not simply proved the president enact, in his oath, “stable, ” both likewise offered a successful framework for a post-Bannon, post-Wolff presidency.

People who have a errand that requires them to make a living by doing something other than watch Donald Trump in real experience most probably didn’t identify either of these events. The first was Mr. Trump’s speech Monday to the American Farm Bureau in Nashville, Tenn. The other, which is worth a lookif you didn’t see it, was a virtually hour-long period on immigration legislation Mr. Trump held at the White House with about 24 each member of Congress, Tv cameras rolling and the press taking notes.

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