Knicks Owner Calls on Judge for Video Review in Oakley Lawsuit

Let’s go to a video critique!

A lawyer for Madison Square Garden Co. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer James Dolan advised a federal justice to take a look at replays of Charles Oakley’s scuffle with defence, saying it’ll supported the onetime New York Knicks player’s libel alleges are wrong.

“I think you will be stunned at what you see, ” Randy Mastro, Dolan’s lawyer, told U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan during a hearing in Manhattan Friday, lending the epitomes depict Oakley aggression security guards who were considering him with respect. “The video doesn’t lie.”

Douglas Wigdor, Oakley’s lawyer, said surveillance and television personas don’t show exactly what Mastro claims and there many different camera angles.

Oakley, a onetime All-Star power forward who played in the National Basketball Association for 19 years, sued the Garden and Dolan in September, claiming he was assaulted after they had been thrown out of a game in February and then subjected to a smear campaign that included accusations he was an alcoholic.

Sullivan didn’t seem eager to go right to the video. He said it might be too early to initiate such proof because Oakley’s contends are based mainly on Dolan’s statements made after the light in question.

Oakley, 54, was with the Knicks for a decade, paying a recognize on the All-Star team in the 1993 -9 4 season and curing pass them to the finals that time. His expulsion, which culminated in aggression commissions, played back live on television and led to a public engagement between him and Dolan. Oakley came to an agreement with prosecutors in August under which the charges is likely to be descended if he isn’t arrested within six months.

The case is Charles Oakley v. James Dolan, 17 -cv-0 6903, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York( Manhattan .)