S Club 7 member puts Brit award up for sale on eBay

There are greenbacks to wage, says Paul Cattermole, whose gong for better outsider from 2000 has verified reach 66,000 with three days still to go

Paul Cattermole, a onetime member of the chart-topping pop circle S Club 7, is auctioning off his Brit award on eBay, quoting” monies to pay “. After being put on the auction place for the purposes of an initial PS650, the item has at the time of writing attracted proposals of PS66, 000, with three days still to go.

S Club 7, who orchestrated 10 top three hits in the UK including four No 1s, won the best British newcomer apportion at the 2000 service. Cattermole described in the award as having” signeds of age”, and offers a meet and greet with whoever acquires the auctioneer, including photos,” length depending “.” It’s time to let the past be the past ,” he adds.

S Club 7 in happier ages. Photo: PA

He might be hoping to follow in the paces of another papa perform from the same age: Abz Love from the boyband 5ive leant his Brit award up for sale in 2015. He first threw the bestow on eBay with a view to buying supplyings for his farm in southern Wales, having been using it as a doorstop- orders reached over PS1m before the auctioneer was removed by eBay.” All I needed was a bit of topsoil and it’s gone seeds ,” he said at the time.

S Club 7′ s lucks dipped after their pas of map success. Cattermole left in 2002 to connect an abortive rock-and-roll strip, with the rest of S Club disbanding in 2003. Cattermole partially reformed the band in 2008 with Jo O’Meara and Bradley McIntosh, afterwards acceded to by Tina Barrett, though he left again in 2014. In December 2017, the remaining trio released a brand-new single, Family.

According to former member Hannah Spearritt, each of them deserved exclusively PS600, 000 over the four years of their more successful season, despite generating millions of sales.

  • Such articles was updated on Friday 12 January- it previously stated that Abz Love’s auction was successful, but it was in fact deleted .

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