U2 Takes Aim At Trump And White Supremacists In Biting New Music Video

Ku Klux Klanmembers march past President Donald Trump outside the Oval Office window in U2’s brand-new stop-motion music video.

The Statue of Liberty’s face fissures and Syrian child refugee Alan Kurdi’s dead body is showered ashore in the strong excerpt for the Irish rock band’s politically accused single “Get Out Of Your Own Way, ” which it shared online Thursday.

“Resistance, passion has got to fight for its existence, the antagonist has armies of assistance, ” sings lead vocalist Bono in the line from the “Songs of Experience” album.

The singer and organizer has previously called Trump “potentially the worst suggestion that ever happened to America.”

Israeli street art collective the Broken Fingaz Crew appointed the video, which it said “addresses the present political situation.”