Pence makes diplomatic trip to Middle East, meets with Egypt’s el-Sissi first

Vice President Mike Pence met with Egyptian captain Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi in Cairo on Saturday on the first leg of a jaunt to the volatile Mideast.

Meeting at the presidential palace in Cairo, the two leaders debated ways to combat the growing horror threat in the region.

Pence listened as el-Sissi quoth the need to address “urgent issues, ” including “ways to eliminate this disease and cancer that has panicked the whole world.”

Pence said that “we rest shoulder to shoulder with you and Egypt in fighting against terrorism, ” and that “our natures grieve” for the loss of life in recent the terrorist attacks on Egyptians, referring to a December attack against Christians where at least nine beings were killed, and a November attack at a mosque in Northern Sinai where another 311 people were killed.

“We resolve to continue to stance with Egypt in the fight against terrorism, ” Pence said.

Pence arrived in Cairo hours after Congress and President Donald Trump failed to reach agreement on a plan to avert a partial federal shutdown. Pence started ahead with his four-day trip to the Countries of the middle east, citing national security and diplomatic reasons.

Pence is set to meet with Jordan’s King Abdullah II on Sunday and visit with U.S. armies in countries of the region. He will too travel to Israel but he is not expected to meet with Palestinian officials.

His visit to the region came more than a few months after Trump announced his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a pace that’s maddened Palestinians. El-Sissi determined “the peace issue” as one of the most important issues in their discussions.

“We sounded President el-Sissi out, ” Pence said. “He said to me about what he said publicly about a disagreement between friends over our decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel.”

Pence said he assured el-Sissi that “we’re perfectly committed to preserving the status quo with regard to holy sites in Jerusalem, that we have come to no final answer about bounds or other issues that will be negotiated . … I prompted President el-Sissi that President Trump said that if the working party concur, we will support a two-state answer. My insight was that he was encouraged by that message.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report .

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