Tech Q&A: Eavesdropping Echo, flammable laptops, switching to Android and more

Want to know more about Amazon Echo, the HP laptop battery remember, ransomware, web printing and switching to Android? Then read this column.

Eavesdropping Echo

Q. I have an Amazon Echo. I am really concerned it is listening all the time. Does it have any privacy trains?

A: The point remains that Echo accounts all of your biddings, and the microphone is always active because the device is always listening for a “wake phrase.” This may cause you a lot of tension, and I totally understand. It’s strange, just knowing that a machine designed by the world’s biggest retailer ever has open ears. Switching off the microphone overcomes the aim of owning an Echo, but if you really demand a fancy list of talkers, you can easily change its fixeds. Click here for three indispensable privacy deep-seateds for Amazon Echo .

Laptop Recall

Q. I have an HP laptop. I heard you say on your show that it might go on fire. How can I tell if my laptop is on the recall register?

A: Yes, there have been reports that some HP laptops have inaccurate batteries, and we are able to catch fire. This doesn’t means that your machine will explode the second largest you swap it on, but it mean to say that the computer’s artillery is a major drawback, and you should only use your laptop are attached to a power source. Click now to learn about the HP recall and see if your laptop is on the recall list .

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