Officer slain, deputies wounded, suspect dead near Atlanta

A police officer whose wife is expecting the couple’s second newborn was killed Friday and two representatives were seriously wounded in a shooting that too left a doubt dead south of Atlanta, approvals said.

Henry County Sheriff Keith McBrayer said gunfire broke out as the officers were serving an arrest authorize around 11 a.m. at a home in Locust Grove, about 40 miles( 65 kilometers) southeast of Atlanta.

Locust Grove Mayor Robert Price linked the slain man as 26 -year-old Chase Maddox, who had been with the department since he was 22.

“His wife is expecting their second child any era now, I’m told. We simply involve a good deal of devotions for he and his wife and the child that’s coming into this life without a father because of somebody … ” the mayor said, strangling up. “We got to pray for the two province detectives that’s wounded. One’s not doing so red-hot and another is better.”

McBrayer said one deputy was in serious statu and undergoing surgery, and had been hit below the bulletproof vest. The other was in fair condition, and was make in the vest.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation late Friday related the wounded deputies as Michael D. Corley and Ralph Sidwell “Sid” Callaway. The busines didn’t freeing any information on their injuries.

Gunshots were fired inside the house as the deputies were trying to take a male doubt into detention on a authorize from the district law in Locust Grove, McBrayer said. He wouldn’t say who shot firstly or afford other details about how it happened.

The sheriff said that “after about 10 hours of been speaking with him( they) realized they were going to be making an arrest, and they were going to have issues arranging him in custody.” At that stage they called Locust Grove for backup from an officer.

He said they had no reason to believe when they arrived that the doubt would be violent.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been called in to investigate the shootings. GBI spokeswoman Nelly Miles said the suspect’s relateds were being notified before his refer is released.

Police blocked off numerous access of a subdivision not far from an store plaza, and turned down people who don’t live in the neighborhood.

Yellow police strip cordoned off a section of one home’s front ground. Nearby Locust Grove Elementary School was put on lockdown.

Juankeena Rodgers, 36, lives in the subdivision but police weren’t allowing her to go back home.

“It’s hushed. I’ve never had any issues and I pray I don’t have any, said Rodgers, who has lived there virtually two years.

“It’s shocking because you never know who is in your neighborhood.”

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